Pennsylvania Member of Congress Tracking Report – 08.30.20

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Graphic by Kelly Pollock.

100% volunteer effort brought to you by a handful of progressive Democrats and Independents who share a vision of an informed electorate. We want to offer a big thank you to the Pennsylvania Together and Pennsylvania Statewide Indivisible organizations who host our report and help us share it out to the residents of our Commonwealth!

A note on MoCTrack reports from now through the election: Our MoCTrack volunteers want to give as much of their time as they can to phone banking, text banking and other activities to drive support for our preferred candidates. So you will notice that our reports are going to be leaner from now through Election Day. We hope you’ll understand, and will join us in volunteering for your favorite candidates in these last two months that will decide our future!

Tracking Congress in the Age of Trump The lower the number, the more the legislator votes in opposition to the Trump agenda.

Member of CongressThis week’s scoreChange from last report
Senator Bob Casey (D)29.3%0.0%
Senator Pat Toomey (R)88.1%0.0%
PA-01 Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R)63.6%-0.4%
PA-02 Rep. Brendan Boyle (D)13.1%0.0%
PA-03 Rep. Dwight Evans (D)11.5%-0.1%
PA-04 Rep. Madeleine Dean (D)3.7%0.0%
PA-05 Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon (D)5.9%-0.1%
PA-06 Rep. Chrissy Houlahan (D)4.9%0.0%
PA-07 Rep. Susan Wild (D)8.2%-0.1%
PA-08 Rep. Matt Cartwright (D)19.2%-0.1%
PA-09 Rep. Dan Meuser (R)97.4%0.0%
PA-10 Rep. Scott Perry (R)90.3%+0.1%
PA-11 Rep. Lloyd Smucker (R)95.4%+0.1%
PA-12 Rep. Fred Keller (R)94.2%+0.1%
PA-13 Rep. John Joyce (R)97.5%0.0%
PA-14 Rep. Guy Reschenthaler (R)95.0%+0.1%
PA-15 Rep. Glenn W. Thompson (R)97.7%0.0%
PA-16 Rep. Mike Kelly (R)96.6%0.0%
PA-17 Rep. Conor Lamb (D)22.4%-0.2%
PA-18 Rep. Mike Doyle (D)14.9%0.0%

Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight website assesses the voting records of our MoCs to provide this index, by comparing any bills where President Trump has stated a position, and comparing the vote of the legislator to that opinion. The one vote scored was last Saturday’s US Postal Service vote in the House. And don’t forget – if you click on the name of any legislator, you will be brought to their 538 webpage where all of the positions that went into the index are listed in an easy-to-read format.

Words From Our Nation’s Sages 

“People cannot be free until they realize that peace—we can talk about peace—that peace is not the absence of war or struggle, it is the presence of justice.”
— Ella Baker, from a Freedom Day Rally speech, January 21, 1964

“Ella Josephine Baker was a civil rights activist whose organizational, behind-the-scenes work made her one of the most important figures in the Civil Rights Movement. She emphasized the importance of a grassroots approach over charismatic leadership within the movement,” notes Iowa State University’s archive on women’s political communications.  If you’d like to learn more about Ella Baker and her contributions to the Civil Rights momentment, please visit the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights or check out the podcast they produce called Ella’s Voice.

MoCTrack would like to gratefully recognize Kadida Kenner of Why Courts Matter PA who suggested Ella Baker as a focus for this week’s quote.  If you have a suggestion for a sage to be featured, please email Thanks!

Votes of Interest 

The House Votes to Protect and Restore the United States Postal Service
House Vote on H.R. 8015: Delivering for America Act

This legislation was introduced in the wake of the mail delays experienced by people around our nation, as well as reports and images coming from US Postal Service facilities showing romed and damaged postal infrastructure. Also in the news was the firing or re-assignment of nearly two dozen experienced USPS bureaucrats in leadership positions and a cutting of overtime for all USPS staff.  This was capped by President Trump stating, “They need that money in order to have the post office work so it can take all of these millions and millions of ballots. “If they don’t get those two items, that means you can’t have universal mail-in voting because they’re not equipped to have it.”

The new bill, introduced by Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) will:

  • Provide an emergency appropriation of $25 billion, the amount requested by the GOP-lead USPS Board of Governors
  • Mandate that all election mail be treated as First-Class Mail
  • Require that all election mail be postmarked
  • Prohibit any change to USPS operations that would affect service, including
    • Implementation of any revision of service standards
    • Closing, consolidating, or reducing the hours of any post office or postal facility
    • Institution of any prohibition on paying overtime to Postal Service officers or employees
    • Making any change that would have the effect of delaying mail or increasing the volume of undelivered mail

Vote date: Saturday, August 22, 2020 Vote Tally: 257-150
Party Breakdown: All Democrats voted YES on the bill and they were joined by twenty-six Republicans.  Libertarian Justin Amash and 149 Republicans voted NO.  Twenty-three Republicans and one Democrat did not vote.

Additional Reading:

Unanimously passed legislation

The following bill was passed through unanimous consent or voice vote (which presumes unanimity, as any member can object to the voice vote and ask for a roll call). 

  • H.R.8089 – Emergency Stopgap U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Stabilization Act

Our MoCs comment on the United States Postal Service

🔵 Senator Bob Casey, @SenBobCasey, 08/24/20:
“Mr. DeJoy, in the past week, my office received over 27,000 letters expressing support for the #USPS. That makes over 101,000 letters from all 67 counties across Pennsylvania since July 14. 

CC: @RealDonaldTrump

When families can’t pay their rent and mortgages on time because of this Administration’s sabotage of the postal service, will you be covering their late fees? Asking for 330 million Americans.
Expired medication, dead livestock, destroyed sorting machines and mass firings. This isn’t some corporation for the super-rich to take over, strip of assets and walk away from. It’s the United States Postal Service. It’s enshrined in the Constitution.”  tweeted along with embedded video content from Robert Reich titled ”The Post Office Crisis to Come”

🔴 Senator Pat Toomey does not have any USPS-related content on his Facebook page, Twitter presence, or his official website.

🔴 PA-01’s Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, from his official website, 08/22/20:
Fitzpatrick Statement on Bipartisan Legislation to Support USPS: “I am a proud cosponsor of H.R. 8015, the Delivering for America Act, and I was proud to vote in favor of this legislation. I stand with the hardworking letter carriers and postal workers of the USPS. The USPS should be fully funded so that my constituents and millions across the country can receive the high quality, timely service that the Postal Service has historically provided. This bipartisan legislation would prohibit the Postal Service from implementing any changes to the operations or level of service it had in place on January 1, 2020, until the COVID-19 pandemic has ended. We should be preserving and enhancing USPS delivery standards and services, not implementing operational changes that could delay delivery times and undermine quality services that every American depends on.”

“Right now, Americans across the country are relying on the USPS to deliver medications, essential goods, and ballots. The USPS is not a partisan issue, it is a constitutionally mandated public service that every American relies on. Constant partisan bickering will get us no closer to solving the issue. Republicans and Democrats, House and Senate, must come together and address the serious challenges that USPS has been facing for years. I look forward to continuing to work with my colleagues on bipartisan solutions to support the USPS.”

🔵 PA-02’s Rep. Brendan Boyle, from his official website, 08/20/20:
BOYLE LEADS LETTER TO HIGHLIGHT DANGERS OF USPS DELAYS ON VETERANS: “The ongoing delays at USPS not only jeopardize our democracy, but they are also forcing our Veterans to gamble with their health,” said Congressman Boyle. “Even before this pandemic, many Veterans relied on USPS for their prescriptions and medications. Now, when mail-order services are needed more than ever, the Trump Administration is attempting to weaken our postal service despite the serious health costs the delays will have on our most vulnerable populations. Our Veterans have already sacrificed so much for our country, and they should not have to sacrifice their health at the expense of the President’s self-interested political agenda.”

🔵 PA-03’s Rep. Dwight Evans,  from his official website, 08/22/20:
Evans To Vote on the ‘Delivering for America Act’ to Save USPS from the Trump Administration’s Attacks: “America is currently in crisis. Not just in regard to the coronavirus pandemic, but also with respect to our nation’s Postal Service. Sorting machines, blue drop-off mailboxes and other key mail infrastructure have been removed – causing delays and prohibiting some of our most vulnerable from receiving lifesaving medication,” Evans said. 

“What’s worse, Postmaster General DeJoy has no intention of replacing these items.  And many of my Republican colleagues see no issue with what has transpired. Yet still, seniors, veterans, and small business owners have voiced their concerns regarding the Trump Administration’s dismantling of the Postal Service, and I will do everything I can to amplify those voices,” 

“The Trump Administration’s sabotage of the U.S. Postal Service has gone on long enough. Today, House Democrats vote in favor of Democracy.”

🔵 PA-04’s Rep. Madeleine Dean, @RepDean, 08/22/20:
“Today we sent a clear message — #DontMessWithTheUSPS
An underfunded @USPS means:
→ Delayed checks to workers & seniors
→ Delayed medication to the sick and elderly
→ Interrupted delivery of mail-in ballots in Nov. 
The Senate must join us in this fight by passing this act”

🔵 PA-05’s Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon, @RepMGS, 08/25/20:
“Voter suppression is not just something from long ago newsreels. It happens today. It happens now. We must fight every single effort to undermine our democracy through voter disenfranchisement. #DontMessWithUSPS” tweeted with a link to a CBS News article titled “Americans and the right to vote: Why it’s not easy for everyone to cast a ballot

🔵 PA-06’s Rep. Chrissy Houlahan, from her official website, 08/24/20:
Houlahan votes for $25 billion rescue package for Postal Service: “The U.S. Postal Service is so essential to our way of life that our Founders wrote it into the Constitution. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, we rely on USPS for small business commerce, for reliable and safe access to medications, for staying connected to loved ones when we can’t be together in person, and for voting safely from home this November. I’m grateful for the advocacy of members of our community that have called and written to me to share their stories and concerns, and I call on the Senate to reconvene to respond to these concerns and vote on the Delivering for America Act.”

🔵 PA-07’s Rep. Susan Wild, @RepSusanWild, 08/27/20:
“People across the country—especially older Americans—are feeling the impacts of the #USPS delays. We need the Postal Service now more than ever & I will continue standing with my colleagues in taking necessary action to protect this critical lifeline.” tweeted with a link to a Time article titled ”Congressional Dems Demand Postmaster General Address USPS Delays Impacting Social Security Benefits” 

🔵 PA-08’s Rep. Matt Cartwright, from his official website, 08/22/20:
CARTWRIGHT PASSES DELIVERING FOR AMERICA ACT TO PROTECT U.S. POSTAL SERVICE: “Northeastern Pennsylvanians count on the Postal Service to deliver medicines, paychecks, ballots and more. I’ve heard from so many of them in recent weeks, wondering why those deliveries are being delayed, why longer lines are forming at their local offices. It’s a crisis manufactured by the Postmaster General himself that cannot stand. While Americans rely on the Postal Service more than ever during this global pandemic, the Delivering for America Act helps ensure a functional and efficient postal service that Americans can trust.”

🔴 PA-09’s Rep. Dan Meuser,  from his official website, 08/22/20:
STATEMENT FROM CONGRESSMAN DAN MEUSER: “As your member of Congress, I wanted to inform you that, very unfortunately, I tested positive for COVID-19. I have been following all CDC health and safety guidelines, and will be taking all necessary actions, including postponing upcoming public events and working from home in quarantine until I receive a negative test result. I am thankful to God that my grown children were not at home and that my wife Shelley has tested negative.

“Because of this, I will not be present or voting today on H.R. 8015. I will, however, submit for the record that I would have voted ‘NAY.’ I will always support a strong, effective post office. They should be provided the resources they need to perform at a high level of excellence. In response to pandemic-related challenges, Congress provided the agency with a $10 billion loan through the CARES Act. To date, the USPS has not yet seen the need to access this lending authority to fund its operations. In spite of COVID-19 related setbacks affecting all private and public sector operations, the Postmaster General has assured the American public that the USPS is fully capable of delivering the nation’s election mail on time and that any changes in operations at the agency have been suspended until after the election. Calls from Democrats to direct $25 billion to the USPS are not reflective of the data or the reality of the situation.”

🔴 PA-10’s Rep. Scott Perry, @RepScottPerry, 08/19/20:
Rep. Perry retweeted content from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. This was the only reference to the USPS on his official website or social media presences. “Speaker Pelosi announced she is bringing Congress back for an “emergency” weekend session to deal with a so-called crisis at the @USPS. But here are the FACTS, which prove that Democrats are manipulating information in order to push a conspiracy theory.” tweeted with this link

🔴 PA-11’s Rep. Lloyd Smucker, from his official website, 08/22/20:
Smucker Opposes H.R. 8015: “Today, I voted against H.R. 8015. The simple fact of the matter is Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats have created hysteria by manufacturing trumped up charges about the status of the United States Postal Service to create doubt about its ability to process election mail. This bill is short-sighted, misguided and unnecessary and the allegations from some of my colleagues across the aisle are untruthful.

The USPS handles several hundred million pieces of mail each day and processed over 146 billion pieces of mail last year alone. The suggestion that the USPS would not be able to process additional election mail is simply ludicrous. Even if all of the approximately 150 million registered voters cast their votes by the mail, this volume is less than six percent of the mail USPS delivers each week. That new traffic would not eclipse what the USPS processes on a daily basis and, in his testimony before the U.S. Senate, Postmaster General DeJoy assured Congress that the USPS stands ready to ensure all election mail is delivered on time.

The USPS has available the cash liquidity to continue operations into August 2021. As part of the CARES Act, an additional $10 billion has already been made available to the USPS. This legislation would not solve any of the long-term business issues facing the post office, but merely attempts to throw money at the problem. It has not been made clear how the proposed additional funds would be spent.

After years of declining mail volumes and substantial annual financial losses it is clear that the USPS must undergo substantial reforms in order to preserve its services and meet its long-term financial obligations. This legislation lacks any reforms and does not help the USPS respond to those challenges. This is nothing more than a misguided messaging bill which creates unnecessary and unfounded doubt about the integrity of the upcoming election.”

🔴 PA-12’s Rep. Fred Keller, from his official website, 08/25/20:
Editor’s note – the posting on Rep. Keller’s website is a recap of the 08/21/20 House hearing with US Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.  Very little of the post is direct quotes from Rep. Keller.  Here is a sample of the content:
“Congressman Keller defends the Postal Service’s capacity to process election mail during Congressional hearing:  Says USPS is following standard procedure to ensure fair and efficient ballot delivery

During Monday’s House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing on “Protecting the Timely Delivery of Mail, Medicine, and Mail-in Ballots,” Congressman Fred Keller (R-PA) explained that the hearing is nothing more than political theater, highlighting that the United States Postal Service (USPS) is well within its bounds to request operational changes to ensure efficient outcomes, especially for delivering ballots.

Congressman Keller also highlighted concerns regarding deadlines for applying for and returning mail-in ballots, as well as the USPS’ ability to ensure that ballots with pre-paid postage, like those that will be mailed to voters in Pennsylvania, receive postmarks.

On July 29, the USPS General Counsel sent a follow-up to a letter he sent in May to 46 states, including Pennsylvania, expressing concern that the states’ deadlines for requesting and casting ballots by mail do not fit with the USPS’ delivery standards.”

This is the only direct quote from Rep. Keller in the website post:

“If Governor Wolf issues another Executive Order to count ballots returned a week late but are postmarked by 8:00 p.m. on Election Day, it would be impossible for the state to determine whether mail-in ballots were truly sent by 8:00 p.m. on Election Day due to the lack of postmarks for pre-paid postage envelopes.”

🔴 PA-13’s Rep. John Joyce, from his official website, 08/22/20:
JOYCE STATEMENT ON THE DEMOCRATS’ POST OFFICE CONSPIRACY THEORY: “Rather than help hardworking American families, schools, medical teams, workers, or small businesses that are hurting during the coronavirus crisis, Speaker Pelosi instead has focused the full efforts of the U.S. House of Representatives on a baseless conspiracy theory about the U.S. Postal Service.

“Free and fair elections are a hallmark of our American democracy, and every eligible American citizen must have the opportunity to cast a vote and make their voice heard. At the same time, we cannot allow politicians to undermine our elections for the sake of their own political interests. The U.S. Postal Service has confirmed that it does not require additional funds to ensure reliable mail delivery during the coronavirus crisis and for the upcoming election. In fact, Congress provided direct support to the U.S. Postal Service in the CARES Act that the agency has yet to access.

“The legislation we considered today would needlessly appropriate $25 billion to this agency – without requiring a single reform to prevent further abuse of taxpayer dollars. The American people should not be on the hook to bailout the U.S. Postal Service under the guise of protecting our elections. Instead of squandering time and resources on politically-motivated conspiracy theories, I urge Speaker Pelosi to reconvene the House and get to work on providing targeted relief to the Americans who need it most.”

🔴 PA-14’s Rep. Guy Reschenthaler, from his official website, 08/22/20:
Reschenthaler’s Statement on His Vote Against House Democrats’ Postal Service Misinformation Show Vote: “Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats doubled down on their politically-motivated conspiracy theory about the United States Postal Service (USPS) today instead of working across the aisle to deliver more coronavirus relief to hardworking Americans. The USPS has more than enough funding to get through the year, and Democrats’ legislation would not fix any of the irrational state ballot deadlines that are incompatible with USPS delivery standards. Since coming to Congress, I have been a strong advocate for proposals to support the USPS. As a proud member of the Postal Preservation Caucus, I support numerous pieces of legislation that would ensure USPS is able to continue its critical service to our nation, our communities, and most importantly our senior citizens. It’s time for House Democrats to stop with partisan, political show votes and come together with Republicans to help millions of struggling Americans during this challenging time and stop spreading misinformation.”

🔴 PA-15’s Rep. Glenn W. Thompson does not have any USPS-related content on his Facebook page, Twitter presence, or his official website.

🔴 PA-16’s Rep. Mike Kelly does not have any USPS-related content on his Facebook page, Twitter presence, or his official website.

🔵 PA-17’s Rep. Conor Lamb, from his official website, 08/22/20:
LAMB STATEMENT ON BIPARTISAN PASSAGE OF THE DELIVERING FOR AMERICA ACT: “The Postal Service exists to serve every American, regardless of where you live or what you believe.  This year, many of us will exercise our constitutional right to vote by relying on the Postal Service to deliver our ballots.  The USPS is prepared for this mission, but they need extra support to accomplish it while still meeting the needs of seniors, veterans, small businesses and rural communities.

“The Delivering for America Act provides $25 billion in emergency funding and prohibits the Postal Service from making any changes to service levels that would impede prompt and reliable service.  I was proud to cosponsor and vote for this bill, along with members of both parties, because it is designed to protect the constitutional rights of all Americans.”

🔵 PA-18’s Rep. Mike Doyle, @USRepMikeDoyle, 08/22/20:
“Today I voted for the #DeliveringForAmericaAct to #SaveUSPS and the right to vote from @realDonaldTrump’s #VoterSuppression efforts that are delaying many mail deliveries. It reverses changes made @USPS since January 1 – and provides funding to handle higher mail volumes.”

Tweets of the Week

Courtesy of Susan Vogel

🔵 Senator Bob Casey, @SenBobCasey, 08/25/20:
“Two months ago the House passed the bipartisan #JusticeInPolicing Act to address police violence and systemic racism. As it gathers dust on Sen. McConnell’s desk, Jacob Blake was shot by police in broad daylight in front of his children.

Senator, Americans need real reform NOW.”

🔴 Senator Pat Toomey, @SenToomey, 08/28/20:
“Illegal fentanyl was found in 70% of PA OD deaths in 2018. After a 4-year fight, the Senate passed my bipartisan bill to punish countries that enable fentanyl production and export to U.S. Good to be in NEPA w/ Luzerne DA @salavantis to detail the need for this measure.” tweeted with embedded video (marked “for internal use only”) from a Fox 56 news report

🔴 PA-01’s Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, @RepBrianFitz, 08/28/20:
Congressman Fitzpatrick retweeted this content from Rep. Ron Wright (R-TX) – “Cities that choose to DEFUND and DISMANTLE our law enforcement should NOT receive taxpayer-funded federal grants. 

I’m proud to co-sponsor the bipartisan Defund Cities that Defund the Police Act introduced by @RepBrianFitz. We must stand up for the brave men & women in blue.”

🔵 PA-02’s Rep. Brendan Boyle, @RepBrendanBoyle, 08/26/20:
Happy #NationalDogDay! As a dog lover, I’m proud to lead efforts to protect dogs from abuse, including: 
🐶Intro’ing the AFTERAct so dogs can be adopted out from govt labs
🐕Cosponsoring the PUPPERS Act to end VA dog tests
🐩Leading effort to end FDA’s outdated dog test mandate

🔵 PA-03’s Rep. Dwight Evans, @RepDwightEvans, 08/28/20:
“64 days since the House passed the George Floyd #JusticeInPolicing Act.
105 days since the House passed the #HeroesAct (Covid relief).
The Senate GOP majority refuses to be what America needs it to be. 
It is what it is.” retweeted with this Daily Show content

🔵 PA-04’s Rep. Madeleine Dean, @RepDean, 08/24/20:
“This should not keep happening.
I am thinking of Jacob Blake and his family tonight. They are in my prayers. 
Too many Black Americans are being gunned down by excessive use of force — this is a stain on our nation. It must end. We need accountability now.#BlackLivesMatter”

🔵 PA-05’s Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon, @RepMGS, 08/26/20:
“This is unacceptable. The @BMHCaucus introduced the #Momnibus Act which prioritized diversifying the perinatal workforce and investing in community-based organizations so moms can be cared for by workers they know and trust.“ retweeted with an article from CNN titled “Black newborns more likely to die when looked after by White doctors

🔵 PA-06’s Rep. Chrissy Houlahan, @RepHoulahan, 08/28/20:
“57 years ago today, Dr. Martin Luther King delivered his ‘I Have a Dream’ speech at the March on Washington. Today, thousands of Americans are gathering in DC, again fueled by what Dr. King called ‘the fierce urgency of now.’

It is urgent because COVID-19 disproportionately affects Black and Latinx communities; because the police violence against Black communities, which King described 57 years ago, persists; and because Black women in Pennsylvania earn 66 cents on the dollar compared to white men.  King charged the crowd on the Mall with this message in 1963: “This is no time to engage in the luxury of cooling off or to take the tranquilizing drug of gradualism.” It was urgent then, and it’s urgent now.”

🔵 PA-07’s Rep. Susan Wild, @RepSusanWild, 08/27/20:
“I’m always proud to work alongside my friends in the LGBTQIA+ community– whether it’s cosponsoring the Equality Act or advocating for LGBTQIA+ civil protections overseas. I look forward to continuing to be a champion for equality in the next Congress🌈” retweeted with video content from HRC in Pennsylvania

🔵 PA-08’s Rep. Matt Cartwright, @RepCartwright, 08/27/20:
“Schools shouldn’t be left to face the challenge of #COVID19 alone. We passed the #HeroesAct to provide relief to schools to promote safe, productive learning environments for our kids. Senate Republicans need to join us & negotiate to protect our students.” tweeted with a Times-Tribune article titled “Budget projections show ‘financial disaster’ for Scranton School District

🔴 PA-09’s Rep. Dan Meuser, @RepMeuser, 08/24/20:
“.@realDonaldTrump announced the @US_FDA has authorized use of convalescent plasma for treatment on those who are hospitalized with COVID-19. This therapeutic holds great promise. Once I test negative, I look forward to becoming a plasma machine!”  tweeted with a link to a Fox News article titled “Trump announces emergency authorization of ‘breakthrough’ coronavirus treatment

🔴 PA-10’s Rep. Scott Perry, @RepScottPerry, 08/26/20:
“This radical, hateful rhetoric puts LIVES at risk and only serves to further divide our Nation. @SteveScalise knows the harm this language can cause better than anyone.” This was the header used when retweeting content from Minority Whip Steve Scalise, who wrote “Disgusting: Nancy Pelosi just called Republicans ‘domestic enemies.’ I was shot because of this kind of unhinged rhetoric. Where’s the media outrage?”

🔴 PA-11’s Rep. Lloyd Smucker, @RepSmucker, 08/26/20:
“Today, we celebrate 100 years since the #19thAmendment  was formally adopted into the U.S. Constitution. The brave heroines that fought for suffrage will always be remembered and honored.”

🔴 PA-12’s Rep. Fred Keller, @RepFredKeller, 08/27/20:
“President Trump’s accomplishments are evidence that we can rebound from this pandemic even stronger than before. The second Great American Comeback has already begun!” retweeted with this content from Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy

🔴 PA-13’s Rep. John Joyce, @RepJohnJoyce, 08/26/20:
“Last month, I welcomed @VP @Mike_Pence to Somerset to meet with our dedicated workers. Together, VP Pence and I are working to get Pennsylvanians safely back to work & keep our economy on the path to recovery. We’re committed to creating American jobs for American workers.”

🔴 PA-14’s Rep. Guy Reschenthaler, @GReschenthaler, 08/26/20:
“Amazon enables customers to donate part of their purchase to a charity of their choice. While it allows donations to Planned Parenthood, it forbids donations to certain conservative non-profits.

Amazon must end this blatant discrimination of Christian & conservative charities.” retweeted with a link to a Daily Caller article titled “Republican House Judiciary Members Send Letter Calling Out Amazon’s Alleged Exclusion Of Conservative Charities”

🔴 PA-15’s Rep. Glenn W. Thompson, @CongressmanGT, 08/26/20:
“Federal programs that help feed students must be flexible, easy to operate, & free of unnecessary burdens. Pleased to join @virginiafoxx along with my fellow @EdLaborGOP and @HouseAgGOP colleagues to ensure school children have uninterrupted access to healthy meals through COVID.”

🔴 PA-16’s Rep. Mike Kelly, @MikeKellyPA, has not tweeted since 08/08/20.

🔵 PA-17’s Rep. Conor Lamb, @RepConorLamb, 08/25/20:
“Today I introduced the bipartisan SERVE Act with @DrNealDunnFL2 to remove obstacles for veterans to serve our communities during the #COVID19 public health crisis. #PA17” tweeted with a link to the representative’s official website statement

🔵 PA-18’s Rep. Mike Doyle, @USRepMikeDoyle, 08/27/20:
“Nine weeks ago today, the House passed the George Floyd #JusticeInPolicing Act with my support. The Senate has yet to consider it – while more Americans are unjustly killed. @senatemajldr should pass the #GeorgeFloyd #JusticeInPolicingAct NOW! No more delays! #BlackLivesMatter “

Casey Quote of the Week 

Courtesy of contributor Linda Houk

“Many Americans are not hearing enough about the severity of unemployment across a state like ours. But we are certainly not hearing enough about the way to approach it, going forward.

We need a W.P.A. — a Works Progress Administration — like program, and that means a lot of federal money. We can’t turn to state, county governments, or the private sector. They would be partners. But we need a transformative program… We need to rebuild the country as we re-employ the country.” 

— from an 08/25/20 article in the Sunbury Daily Item titled
Casey suggests W.P.A.-like program to boost jobs, state

Toomey Quote of the Week 

Courtesy of contributor Elayne Baker

“I would hate to see our economy get crippled by a wave of lawsuits that are just opportunistic.”  

— from an 08/26/20 Local 21 News article titled
Toomey touts progress on stimulus package with York leaders

Election Volunteering Resources

The most valuable use of your time in these last two months before Election Day is by finding a way to ensure that our nation moves forward with leadership that reflects our values. In lieu of a Call to Action section, from now until the election we will focus on how you can use your time to ensure a better future.

Wake up on November 4 knowing you did everything in your power to make Trump a one-term president.

For the last four years, Indivisibles have taken action to defeat the Trump agenda. You marched, you showed up at airports. You held die-ins to beat back Trumpcare, and visited district offices so often that some corrupt representatives decided to run and hide rather than face you! You built the Blue Wave to take back the House and rallied from border to border to #DefundHate. Now it is time to beat Trump, flip the Senate, and build a truly inclusive democracy.”

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