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It’s Thursday, which has a special place in our hearts as the LAST DAY of the RNC carousel of lies and hate.

Please do not give the president the attention he so clearly wants.

There are a lot of better ways to spend your time. May we suggest watching the video of “Ax Handle Saturday”, another piece of American history that was missing from our history books. Then watch and share the powerful video of Jacob’s Blake’s sister. You can then spend time debating how far we’ve come in terms of racial justice in the last 50 years, and what MAGA actually means to those in the GOP who are advocating for the 17-year old who killed 2 protesters in Kenosha on Tuesday.

The Virtual March on Washington starts tonight at 8pm EST, with activities continuing tomorrow from 11:00am.

Also this evening, “The Education Forum 2020” will be broadcast at 7 pm with leaders Karen Sher, Carmen Ramirez, Dr. Ramon Flores, and Kavita Rai and the Conejo Valley Celebration of the Suffrage Centennial will be on from 5:30-6:30pm. The Root Institute will present their last broadcast at 5:00pm EST.

Please continue to do the actions for Jacob Blake. An outraged nation outside the GOP bubble is pushing for change and we need to take our place in that movement.

In addition, we’re following the ACLU’s recommendation to fire or demand the resignations of Sheriff Beth and Police Chief Miskinis.

Take time to explain “Defunding the police” to people in your social circles. A lot negative messaging is seeping through from the GOP. We’ve provided a video to share that explains the concept clearly and in a non-threatening or judgemental manner. It’s up to us, person-to-person, to share this knowledge and create a opportunity for this vital change to happen.

Update on Sunday’s Citizenship Fair: The Oxnard Community Marketplace remains on COVID lockdown. We hope to be back next month to help those who need help with immigration paperwork. RNC? Who has the time?

Indivisible Ventura

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