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We’re still keeping a full calendar of remote events. 
Check for the most up-to-date information on actions and events you can join!

Trump confessed, on camera, that the reason he wouldn’t agree to coronavirus relief was because it included funding for the post office and voting by mail, and he wanted to make it harder to vote during the pandemic.

“They need that money in order to make the Post Office work so it can take all of these millions and millions of ballots,” Trump said on Fox Business Thursday morning of the states that are implementing universal mail-in voting ahead of the November election. “But if they don’t get those two items, that means you can’t have universal mail-in voting, because they’re not equipped to have it.”

We do need the Post Office to work. We need it for what should be non-controversial, bipartisan reasons. The Post Office delivers ballots, prescription medications, Social Security checks and paychecks; it delivers to rural areas that aren’t profitable for private companies to care about; it delivers groceries and essential items. And it’s being dismantled by the Trump megadonor with financial conflicts of interest who was installed to oversee it, just so Trump can stop people from voting.

Mailboxes are being removed and many post offices are closing for the busiest times like lunch and early eveningMail sorting machines that would handle ballots are being scrappedThe postal service has announced it may not be able to deliver ballots on time for elections. Destroying the Post Office isn’t just an attack on an important service: it’s an attack on democracy.

This week, Nancy Pelosi is calling the House back into session to vote on the “Delivering for America Act” to keep the Post Office from reducing service during the election, and is also asking all House members to participate in a Day of Action at a Post Office in their district.

We have to stop Trump from suppressing the vote. Our actions this week are to ask Garamendi to co-sponsor and vote for the “Delivering for America Act” and to participate in the Day of Action; to call our Senators demanding they protect the Post Office and pass the HEROES act, and to #DoTheWork of getting the vote out. And stay tuned for more details on a (socially distanced) protest at the Davis Post Office on 5th St, Saturday at 11am.

Now is the time to get involved! We have so many remote events happening now. Please see below where we have a list of events and information sessions especially for people new to this type of work. You can also find example scripts and contact information for calling/emailing to save the Post Office.

Would you like company making calls to representatives or doing the action of the week? Join our Virtual Action Coffee Zoom meeting Monday mornings at 10 am: We’ll talk through Indivisible Yolo’s action of the week, call or email our representatives, talk politics, and stay connected to each other and the work in this challenging time.

Take care, and take action!

-The Indivisible Yolo Team

Mailboxes are removed and loaded onto a flatbed truck in Oregon. Photo: Mark Delaney

Action: Tell our Senators to save the Post Office by passing the HEROES act:

Sample Call Script for Sen. Harris and Feinstein:
Hi my name is [NAME} and I’m calling from [CITY/ZIP] to tell Senator [FEINSTEIN/HARRIS] that I am furious that the U.S. Senate is on recess while the Trump administration dismantles the U.S. Postal Service to undermine our elections. I want Senator [FEINSTEIN/HARRIS] all over the news, demanding the Senate return to session and taking every action in her power to stop these crimes against our democracy, to prosecute those who committed them, and to get the HEROES Act passed to fund and protect our elections and the American people who are still suffering from a pandemic that did not have to be.
I support all of the hearings and investigations related to the dismantling of the Postal Service and Trump administration’s interference with vote-by-mail. I would like you to keep the issue front and center, touring a local USPS facility and holding a press conference. Please get the HEROES act passed, including post office protections and funding, and please be loud about stopping this blow to our democracy!

Action: Tell Representative Garamendi to Act Now to Save the US Postal Service

Sample script for Rep. Garamendi:
Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME] and I am a constituent from [CITY/ZIP CODE]. I’m calling Representative Garamendi to urge him to to cosponsor the Delivering for America Act introduced by Representative Maloney and to speak out publicly on the urgent need for the House to move this critical legislation. The bill would prohibit the Postal Service from implementing any changes to the operations or level of service it had in place on January 1, 2020, until the COVID-19 pandemic has ended, and it would maintain current service standards as well as the integrity of our elections and bedrock democratic principles. The Postal Service should not become an instrument of any political party, and I’m counting on your actions now to ensure that service is restored to postal customers across the country.
I’d also like to see you participate in the Day of Action on Tuesday by appearing at a Post Office here in your district for a press event. Please be loud about stopping this blow to our democracy!

Action: Pick a phonebank and/or information session and attend (remotely)!

With the high achieving door-to-door canvassing campaigns of 2018’s Blue Wave rendered irrelevant by COVID-19, PHONEBANKING has become THE. MOST. EFFECTIVE. TOOL. WE. HAVE. for reaching voters and having those voter-to-voter conversations that get voters to the polls.

Sister District – CA-3 and Indivisible Yolo host 5 virtual, welcoming, supportive phonebanks a week and we need your help. Join us!

Your mission this week and until the election: attend a phonebanking and/or information session
If you’re a newcomer to this type of work or want a refresher, this is your invitation! The phonebanking sessions listed below provide training, and you are also very welcome to attend one of the dedicated information sessions.

Information sessions:

Wednesdays, 3:30pm – 4:00pm. Now until November
Sundays, 1:30pm – 2:00pm. Now until November

Think you might want to volunteer? Join an information session! We will tell you a little about us and the work that we do, and you can ask questions and tell us about yourself.
To join a Zoom information session use this link:

Phonebank sessions (training provided):

  • Tuesdays, 3-5pm: Phonebank with Tim
  • Wednesdays, 4-6pm: Phonebank with Scott & Steve (right after the information session)
  • Thursdays, 6:30-8pm: Phonebank with Katherine
  • Saturdays, 10am-12pm: Phonebank with Kelly & Rebekka
  • Sundays, 2-4pm: Phonebank with Betsy & Amy (right after the information session)

To join the Zoom phone bank sessions use this link:
All you need is a laptop or device to join the Zoom meeting and a phone to call voters. Call campaigns vary each week. Campaign details and training provided on the Zoom call and updated weekly:

A calendar of up-to-date events, including these phonebanks and information sessions, is here:

See you there!

Event: “#SaveThePostOffice Saturday”

Mark your calendar and stay tuned for details on the event, Saturday August 22 at 11:00am!

Indivisible, MoveOn,, NAACP, Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, SEIU, and Working Families Party are holding a day of action on Saturday. We’ll have a socially distanced protest at the Davis Post Office on 5th St to save the post office from Trump and declare that Postmaster General Louis DeJoy must resign.

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