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Today the Prescott Daily Courier described Harry Oberg as the “newly elected” winner of the Yavapai County Supervisor in D1.

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Today’s civic lesson: 

In our democratic system, the winner of a primary election is a nominee, not “newly elected.” The nominee has to face the other nominees in the general election, and the voters decide who takes office.

Even in Yavapai County there are Democratic nominees. Sometimes there are even third and fourth parties for voters to choose among in the general election.

On Tuesday John Lutes became the Democratic nominee for Yavapai County Supervisor from District One, and Harry Oberg became the Republican nominee. They will face off in the general election, and in a functioning democratic republic the best role of the press is to fairly inform the voters about them and their ideas.

Let the Courier and all other media know that you want a fair, vigorous debate of ideas for the general election.

As Prescott’s daily paper, the Courier should be in the lead to provide a platform for the candidates to be heard before the general election.

Prescott Daily Courier Publisher – Kit Atwell – 928-445-3333 #1070 email: katwell@prescottaz.com

Senior News Editor – Tim Wiederaenders -928-445-3333 #2032 email: twieds@prescottaz.com

Editor – Richard Haddad -928-445-3333 #1021

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With circumstances like these, it’s more important than ever that we get our message out for the future of Yavapai County.

Your contribution will help us do that.


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