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To my fellow Democrats,

We’ve come a long way over the past two years, and it’s been my distinct pleasure to be able to work with each and every one of you over that time. One of the points that I’ve tried to emphasize during my term has been the idea that this is a pivotal moment for Oakland County, and through us, for our state and our nation. We are in the process of making decisions that will set the course for at least the next decade of our future, and so it bears mentioning that we should be considerate of the consequences of all of our actions over the next few weeks and months. In that light, I want to use my position as Chair to strongly and fully speak out against the soft money, “independent” ads that have been running about our primary for County Executive.

I’ll be the first to admit that these kinds of “independent” groups have become an unfortunate, but unavoidable part of our electoral landscape. However, as voters and as Democrats, we need to be especially wary when we see them being used as part of one of our primaries. This election is our decision as Democrats to make, and if a person or a group doesn’t feel obligated to put their own name on ads they’re running targeting us, then I see no reason why we should feel obligated to feel anything but dismissive towards them. One day, whether that be weeks or months in the future, we will find out who financed these ads. On that day, I hope that we’ll remember this time, right now, when an “independent” group decided to do the work of the Republican Party, and spent precious time and money trying to create divisions between Oakland County Democrats.

I know, from my experience talking to all of you over the past few years, that our divisions are microscopic when compared to the vast gulf of principle that lays between us and today’s Republican Party, and I know that all of us deeply and sincerely understand how important the election this November will be. I know that we will come together and unite for the fall, and that we’ll all work together to deliver wins for Democrats up and down the ballot. Right now, though, let’s work to remind ourselves that no matter our internal disagreements, we all win together or lose together. Period.

In solidarity,
Vaughn Derderian, Chair of the OCDP

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