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The “Heads Up, Phones Out!” rally was held in Louisville on July 10. (Photo by Del Ramey)

Five Things to Know Today

— Publisher’s Note —

Good morning! There are two new stories on the site that I hope you will go read (in addition to all the other good stuff on the site, which you should also read <g>):

  • Four first-hand reports from the real world, COVID-19 edition (link)
  • “Heads Up, Phones Out – a rally for citizen journalists (link)

The first story is a report from a tech CEO of what he is hearing about the coronavirus from nurses and doctors that he knows, as well as about his own experience running a tech company. It is a sobering, even depressing read, about both what is happening and what is coming.

The second is a new photo gallery from Del Ramey of a rally that took place in Louisville focused on a very particular and important topic: citizen journalists. Specifically, the persons who have been live-streaming the protests as a way of reporting what is really happening on the ground.

Why do I want you to read those two stories in particular? First of all, because they present, in stark terms, the two realities we are dealing with and the emotions that go with them: despair as we realize the things that are coming, and hope as we see the human spirit fighting back.

Secondly, because both of these stories will be on The State of Kentucky this Friday. We will interview the author of the first story, the tech CEO, to learn more about what he is seeing and hearing. Then, we will be joined by one or more of the live-streamers themselves, to tell us about their work and why they keep doing it.

One goal we should all pursue is to be reality-based. Both these stories help us do that.

#WearYourMask  #TeamKentucky

Bruce Maples, publisher
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Another record day for cases; rolling average more than double three weeks ago – 7/11 update
The state’s seven-day rolling average of new cases, a better measure of the pandemic because it smooths out daily fluctuations, is now 362, more than double the average of 180 three weeks ago. (Forward Kentucky)

Four first hand reports from the real world, COVID-19 edition. ‘Things are beginning to crack.’
Two months ago the writer wrote a post that was somewhat hopeful. This update is not hopeful – things are cracking, and will get worse. (Forward Kentucky)

Feds: Convicted former KY Democratic Party chair should serve more than five years in prison
Federal prosecutors are seeking a sentence of at least five years and three months in prison for former Kentucky Democratic Party chief Jerry Lundergan. In another development Friday, U.S. District Judge Gregory F. Van Tatehove denied a request by Lundergan and veteran political consultant Dale Emmons to set aside the guilty verdicts.

Lundergan, 73, and Emmons were convicted last year of conspiring to funnel more than $200,000 in illegal contributions from a Lundergan company into the 2014 U.S. Senate race of his daughter, then-Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes. Lundergan and Emmons are to be sentenced July 16 in Frankfort. (Herald-Leader)

State’s new education commissioner is a Colorado superintendent who is a KY native
A Colorado school superintendent from Kentucky will become the state’s next commissioner of education. The Kentucky Board of Education on Friday announced the hiring of Jason Glass, 48, a native of Brandenburg. Glass has been serving as superintendent and chief learner for Jeffco (Colorado) Public Schools in the metro Denver area since 2017. It is Colorado’s second largest school district. Prior to that, Glass headed Iowa schools. (Herald-Leader)

Here’s how your absentee ballot gets counted
Ever wonder what happens to your absentee ballot after you mail it in? Does it REALLY get counted? Here’s a step-by-step on the process. (Forward Kentucky)

Did you miss any of these?

Featured Content on Forward Kentucky

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— News —

West KY TV station tells employees they need permission to get coronavirus tests – Some employees of the station’s parent company, Paxton Media Group, say that policy discourages them from getting a test. (read)

Judge halts COVID-19 restrictions on Kentucky agritourism – A state judge Thursday granted a temporary restraining order against Gov. Andy Beshear’s orders restricting agritourism businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. (read)

Bipartisan legislation being drafted to restrict no-knock warrants – A bipartisan group of Kentucky lawmakers has announced they are drafting legislation for the 2021 General Assembly that would severely restrict the use of no-knock search warrants, such as the one that led to the death of Breonna Taylor in Louisville earlier this year. (read)

— Commentary —

[new] KY Dems, you need to fix this ethics loophole – How would you feel if you were a candidate in a competitive Democratic primary, and you learned that the chair of your local party was working for one of your opponents? And being PAID to do so? (read)

[new] DemList sends some humor for your weekend – From the DemDaily newsletter (which you should subscribe to), a collection of jokes and one-liners for your weekend. (read)

🔥 [new] Republicans propose eliminating speed limits, seat belts – Citing “government overreach” and calling the laws “arbitrary and overbroad,” Republican leaders in Kentucky today proposed eliminating laws setting speed limits and requiring seat belts. (Read to the end.) (read)

🔥 [new] It’s not enough to dump Trump – these senators have to go, too – It’s not enough to dump Trump on Nov. 3, Elie Mystal wrote in The Nation last December. McConnell and Graham have got to go, too. The new Lincoln Project ad makes that point. (read and watch)

— Media —

🔥 [new photo gallery] “Heads Up, Phones Out!” – a rally for citizen journalists – We stand with citizen journalists! Here is a photo gallery from a rally supporting the live streamers who have been covering the protests in Louisville. (view)

[new podcast] Shameka Parrish-Wright & Ted Shouse on Injustice Square Park and judicial reforms – Also – Robert and Jazmin discuss the Vision Russell project, and how it could be connected to the Breonna Taylor killing. (listen)

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