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Five Things to Know Today

— Publisher’s Note —

Good morning! Two actions happened yesterday, both of which were expected: Governor Beshear issued a mandatory mask order, and Republicans said they were opposed to it.

And as much as some persons will complain and vent about it, the mask order was definitely the correct action to take. Our state’s numbers had begun climbing, and our hospitalizations had increased. Do this now, at the beginning of the increase, and perhaps we can avoid being Texas or Arizona – or even Tennessee.

As the Gov pointed out in his presser yesterday, “Your rights end when you endanger the health of others.” And recent research suggests that wearing a mask not only protects others, but also protects you.

Why, then, are some people be so opposed to it? Not wearing a mask in order to “make a statement” makes no sense to me. As some of the internet memes say, there’s freedom and there’s free-dumb.

Our household has been wearing masks, so we’ll just keep on keeping on. Others who may not have done so will now start to.

Let’s hope that the number of mask-wearers becomes so dominant that the non-maskers realize they have lost the battle, come to their senses, and become part of #TeamKentucky again.

Hands – space – mask. Those are the only tools we’ve got. Let’s use them.

#WearYourMask  #TeamKentucky

Bruce Maples, publisher
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Beshear issues mask order, blasts judge and attorney general for order requiring his orders to be more specific, vows appeal
The mask order takes effect at 5 PM on Friday, and mainly affects wearing a mask inside businesses and other places. It came in response to rising numbers of COVID-19 cases. (Forward Kentucky)

Judge halts COVID-19 restrictions on Kentucky agritourism
A state judge Thursday granted a temporary restraining order against Gov. Andy Beshear’s orders restricting agritourism businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. The governor has pledged to appeal. (Forward Kentucky)

Bipartisan legislation being drafted to restrict no-knock warrants
A bipartisan group of Kentucky lawmakers has announced they are drafting legislation for the 2021 General Assembly that would severely restrict the use of no-knock search warrants, such as the one that led to the death of Breonna Taylor in Louisville earlier this year. (Forward Kentucky)

Louisville Metro Council demands mayor send Breonna Taylor records or risk ‘decisive action’
Louisville Metro Council members are demanding Mayor Greg Fischer’s administration turn over all documents related to the Breonna Taylor case, including any related to recent allegations that her death was tied to gentrification. 

In a letter to Fischer dated Wednesday, members of Metro Council leadership write that refusing to submit records to the council will “result in clear and decisive action by the Metro Council.” The nature of that decisive action is not stated. 

“The trust between Louisville Metro and the people we serve is eroding at a pace that may soon pass the point of restoration,” the letter said. “Rather than taking exact and quick action to seek outside investigation and acknowledge problems, this administration has delayed and obfuscated the truth in the hopes that this, like other problems, would go away. It hasn’t — it can’t.” (Courier-Journal)

West KY TV station tells employees they need permission to get coronavirus tests
Some employees of the station’s parent company, Paxton Media Group, say that policy discourages them from getting a test. (Forward Kentucky)

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— News —

Record numbers of cases prompts ‘new requirements that are going to be mandatory’ – 7/8 update – Kentucky reported 402 new COVID-19 cases Wednesday, the highest number yet identified on a single day, prompting Governor Beshear to say that he would be announcing new guidelines on Thursday. (read)

Many questions still need answers as schools try to reopen – Concerns about reopening Kentucky’s schools during the middle of the coronavirus pandemic topped the discussion at a legislative committee meeting on Tuesday. (read)

WNBA to wear ‘Say Her Name’ jerseys, including focus on Breonna Taylor – The WNBA is going to emphasize racial justice and Black Lives Matter in their upcoming season, including a series of “Say Her Name” jerseys. (read)

— Commentary —

[new] Trump: the latter-day George Wallace – Republicans can act like they had no clue, but it was obvious from the start: Trump was the Great White Hope, the culmination of the old Republican Southern Strategy gone national. He was the Yankee George Wallace. (read)

🔥 Trump on COVID: ‘Learn to live with it’ – White House insiders tell media outlets that they hope Americans will “grow numb to the escalating death toll and learn to accept tens of thousands of new cases a day.” (read)

🔥 Millions of Americans are about to find out just how badly they’ve been screwed by Trump and the GOP – By late summer all people of voting age in this country are going to be forced to make brutal, existential decisions about their futures and those of their families – and they will know the truth. (read)

— Policy —

Police with lots of military gear kill civilians more often than less-militarized officers – That’s the finding from research on a federal program, operating since 1997, that I helped conduct as a scholar of police militarization. (read)

— Media —

[new podcast] Shameka Parrish-Wright & Ted Shouse on Injustice Square Park and judicial reforms – Also – Robert and Jazmin discuss the Vision Russell project, and how it could be connected to the Breonna Taylor killing. (listen)

[videocast] Primary 2020 – Let’s talk about it! – Join us on The State of Kentucky as we analyze the primary with Al Cross, long-time political observer of Kentucky politics, and Robert Kahne, data scientist and one of the hosts of “My Old Kentucky Podcast.” What do the results mean for Mike Broihier, Charles Booker, and Amy McGrath? (watch or listen)

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