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Five Things to Know Today

— Publisher’s Note —

Good morning! For some time, I’ve been pleased that Kentucky seemed to be containing COVID-19, with our numbers fairly stable and our infection rate (R-naught) below 1.0, even as other states were dealing with record-breaking case numbers and over-capacity hospital systems.

With yesterday’s update, that sense of calm about our state has not been shattered, but definitely cracked.

The headline that will get written is the record number of cases. (See, for example, the first story in our Five Things list.)

But the headline that SHOULD be written is our infection rate, our “R-naught number,” jumping from 0.97 to 1.21.

Why is this bad? It means that a given set of 100 people will infect 121 people. In other words, the virus is expanding, not contracting. And if you know anything about statistics, you know that means the virus is growing exponentially, as opposed to shrinking exponentially.

I ran out the numbers for a month for those original 100 people:
Infection rate of 0.97 – Daily new cases after a month is 40. Total cases for the month is 2,037.
Infection rate of 1.21 – Daily new cases after a month is 30,448. Total cases for the month is 174,693.

Can we get the rate back down? Sure, if everyone takes it seriously and does the things we know we should do.

And if we don’t? Then you are looking at an increasing series of impacts: mandatory mask orders, re-closing some things, re-closing everything.

You know what to do. So do it. And, let’s hope everyone else does as well. #WearYourMask

Bruce Maples, publisher
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Today’s Five Things to Know

371 cases, new one-day high; W.Va. and Tenn. counties require masks – 7/7 update

Kentucky reported a record number of COVID-19 cases in one day. Certain counties in neighboring states are now requiring the wearing of masks. Also: Kentucky’s infection rate has climbed above 1.0; women’s prison outbreak; Fauci says death rate misleading; landlords want to evict tenants. (Forward Kentucky)

Kentucky lawsuit seeks to keep universal mail-in voting In November

A group of voters and advocacy groups are suing to get Kentucky to continue offering mail-in voting to all eligible voters during the November General Election. The lawsuit was filed by four Kentucky voters, the Kentucky Equal Justice Center and the D.C.-based Fair Elections Center in Franklin Circuit Court. The group is also asking for the court to delay implementation of Kentucky’s new voter ID law until Beshear’s state of emergency over the coronavirus pandemic expires. (WFPL)

Many questions still need answers as schools try to reopen

Concerns about reopening Kentucky’s schools during the middle of the coronavirus pandemic topped the discussion at a legislative committee meeting on Tuesday. (Forward Kentucky)

McConnell: New pandemic act expected

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said a new federal coronavirus relief act is in the works. Speaking at Flaget Memorial Hospital in Bardstown, McConnell stated that he would draft the legislation and promised it would include liability protections. (KLC City Limit)

Black Kentucky lawmaker files complaint against police after getting hit with tear gas

State Rep. Attica Scott said Monday that the Louisville Metro Police Department is investigating her complaint of getting pushed by an LMPD officer and hit with tear gas during one of the first nights of downtown protests in late May. Scott, a Louisville Democrat who is also the only Black woman in Kentucky’s legislature, posted a photo on Instagram of a letter she received from a commander with LMPD’s Professional Standards Unit. (Courier-Journal)

Election 2020 Event

Meet the Candidates in Covington

If you live in Northern Kentucky, come join us for the opportunity to meet Ryan Olexia (running for State Senate, District 23, against Christian McDaniel) and Alexandra Owensby (running for US Congress, 4th District, against Thomas Massie). Meet outside the Covington Farm Market on Saturday, July 11, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM in a safe and socially-distanced venue. Bring your masks. Hope to see you there! (More info)

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[new] Police with lots of military gear kill civilians more often than less-militarized officers – That’s the finding from research on a federal program, operating since 1997, that I helped conduct as a scholar of police militarization. (read)

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[videocast] Primary 2020 – Let’s talk about it! – Join us on The State of Kentucky as we analyze the primary with Al Cross, long-time political observer of Kentucky politics, and Robert Kahne, data scientist and one of the hosts of “My Old Kentucky Podcast.” What do the results mean for Mike Broihier, Charles Booker, and Amy McGrath? (watch or listen)

[podcast] Election results with Perry Bacon & interview with Jeff Grammer – Robert welcomed Perry Bacon to talk about McGrath’s victory, and what it will take for her to beat McConnell. Also, what is next for Booker, and what the future might hold for Black politicians in Kentucky. Then, an interview with Jeff Grammar, running for state House. (listen)

🔥 [photo gallery] Candlelight vigil for Tyler Gerth – Tyler Gerth, a young photojournalist who had become a strong supporter of the protests and rallies, was shot and killed Saturday night. On Sunday, a candlelight vigil was held in Tyler’s memory. Photographer Del Ramey was there and captured these photos. (view)

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