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Amy Siskind Discusses Authoritarianism and Voter Suppression

Online: Thursday, July 09, 2020, 8:00 PM 

Florida Indivisibles and other Resistance groups will have the opportunity to hear from American activist, writer, and national spokeswoman Amy Siskind. She is the author of The List: A Week-by-Week Reckoning of Trump’s First Year (2018) and organizer of the We the People March.

Siskind’s national radio and television appearances include CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC, PBS and NPR. Writers from The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, POLITICO, and The Hill frequently reach out to Siskind.

Amy is also an expert on helping women and girls advance and succeed. A former Wall Street executive, she is the president and co-founder of The New Agenda, a national organization working on issues including economic independence and advancement, gender representation and bias, and campus sexual assault.  

Amy’s advocacy for equality now occurs alongside her mission as one of the most thorough and vocal observers of our failing-but-not-yet-failed democracy.

RSVP here:

*This event was previously titled Elections Matter: Amy Siskind Discusses Voting and What’s at Stake

Write Postcards To Voters!

Our new campaign involves preparing cards for vote by mail Democrats who haven’t sent in their ballots two weeks after they received them. We are preparing and stamping the cards now and will put labels on them two weeks before election day. By doing this we hope to drive up voter participation among vote by mail Democrats.

We’d love for you to join us. If you want to learn more about the campaign please go to our website via this link:

Pinellas County Postcard Project –

This is the most important election of our lives. Help us turn Pinellas County the brightest shade of BLUE ever!


Fifteen Indivisible groups in Florida, representing 8,076 members, have sent a letter to Secretary of State Laurel Lee and Governor Ron DeSantis calling on them to increase early-voting days in this year’s elections so voters frightened of Covid-19 can exercise their constitutional right to vote in safety. The groups also expressed concern about voters’ fear of “recent online efforts to recruit hostile individuals to intimidate voters.” 

They called on Secretary Lee to launch “a public campaign announcing the measures that will be taken to keep poll workers and voters safe, both from COVID-19 and from anyone who would seek to drive away voters who may not hold their beliefs or support their candidates.”

Said Mary Lawrence, leader of Indivisible St. Johns: “It is important that most of Florida’s Supervisors of Elections are preparing for a large increase in Vote By Mail ballots from voters who are concerned about catching Covid-19. But increased early voting and added early voting sites could ease the burden of mail-in ballots while allowing in-person voting in safer, less crowded conditions than on election day.”

The letter is available here:

BACKGROUND: On April 7th and May 13th Florida’s 67 Supervisors of Elections (SOE’s) sent letters to Lee and DeSantis urging them to order a number of measures to increase safety for voters and poll workers during the pandemic. DeSantis delayed answering until June 17th and his response ( did not include adding early-voting days. It did address other Covid-related measures requested by the SOE’s such as disinfectants and personal protection equipment. It also provided for government employees to replace poll workers who, fearful for their safety, will decline to work.  

FLORIDA’S INDIVISIBLE GROUPS are working to elect representatives who support democracy and essential government programs and to make Trump a one-term president. Most of the groups listed below are members of the Indivisible Florida Network ( 

Indivisible FL-13 is a member of the Indivisible Florida Network and a signatory of the referenced letter to the governor.

Election Security On Florida Roundup Radio Show

The Florida Roundup program mentioned last week is available online, details follow:

Voting in the Sunshine State:

The program is well-organized and covers a lot of material. One thing appears certain– a whole lotta people are going to vote by mail. One county election official assumed that 80% of people would vote by mail. One speaker was sceptical about the USPS’s ability to get ballots delivered on time.

The election supervisor for Orange County said that many of the counties that didn’t fare well in the state-wide evaluation of VBM from 2018 were treated unfairly because the data didn’t discriminate between ballots that were rejected and ballots that were kicked back because of bad addresses.

Craig Latimer, the Hillsborough supervisor of elections spoke. He said the state organization was pushing for more time for early voting and closing schools on election day.

There was extensive discussion of returning citizens and how the DeSantis’ delays could keep a lot of them from voting in the primary in August.

Weekly Demonstrations at Scott and Rubio’s office Go Virtual During Pandemic

Contact John Stewart at for information on the weekly virtual demonstration. Every Monday or Tuesday he is sending out the current week’s topic and virtual protest signs to his direct contacts. 

Or just contact your Senators every Tuesday with your current concerns: 

Below is contact information for the Senators’ offices in the federal courthouse in downtown Tampa where we protest every Tuesday. Once a week you help stage a virtual demonstration by contacting the offices by phone and/or e-mail to let them know your concerns.  You can let them know this is part of the Tuesday morning virtual demonstration. 

We can keep a regular presence on line, even if we don’t in the flesh.

One request: the staff in the two offices have always been professional and courteous to us.  No matter what you think of their bosses’ morals and policies, please be polite to the staff when you communicate.  We have nothing to gain by being hostile or rude.

Here is the contact information:

Senator Rubio’s office: (813) 853-1099

Senator Scott’s office: (813) 225-7040

This will be a great way to keep active and, once the crisis has passed, to amplify the voices of those demonstrating.  Not everyone has the ability or inclination to demonstrate, so we can let the senators know that there are countless people who agree with those who are in front of their offices every week.

Stay safe. 
via John Stewart

Indivisible FL-13 Contact Information:

Indivisible FL-13 is a member of the Indivisible Florida Network and the Pinellas Coalition For Immigration Justice.

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Florida 13 Congressperson Phone Numbers:

Senator Marco Rubio (R): DC (202)224-3041 Local (813)287-5035
Senator Rick Scott (R): DC (202) 224-5274
Representative Charlie Crist (D): DC (202) 225-5961 Local (888)205-5569

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