Need your help now – SB2794 Voter Service Centers and Drop Boxes

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Need Your Help Now!
SB2794 Voter Service Centers and Drop Boxes

Thanks to all who submitted testimony for SB2794 SB1 HB1, the bill that inter alia provides for more Voter Service Centers and drop boxes to support vote by mail.  The last committee, Finance, heard the bill on Monday and passed it unanimously on Tuesday.

However, the bill was amended to change the implementation date to 2021 for the 2022 elections. (!!!)

Since the bill was amended in both the House and the Senate, it will now be reviewed by both chambers to reconcile any differences in the amended texts.  This will be the last chance to change the implementation date back to “immediately upon approval”.  

The bill was originally introduced by Senator Karl Rhoads who wants the additional voter service centers and drop boxes.  Since it is his bill, he is incentivized to argue during conciliation for immediate implementation.   Please call and/or email his office and show support for implementation in time for the 2020 primary and general elections.  

Senator Karl Rhoads
Phone: (808) 586-6130

Deadline: Since tomorrow is a holiday and next week is the last week the Leg is in session, we need to take action ASAP. 

For those who previously submitted testimony, please feel free to mention some or all of your prior talking points in your communication with Sen. Rhoads.  

For those seeking talking points:   We need the extra voter service centers and drop boxes now because:

  1. This is the first year of all vote-by-mail and we will need the extra resources while we are in transition.
  2. This year covid-19 adds complexity, we need space and resources to vote safely.
  3. We have the financial resources from CARES Act funding; arguments by County Clerks or Office of Elections that it is too late to add voter service centers and drop boxes are unacceptable given the funding available.
  4. Hawaii’s voter turnout is already low and we don’t need more barriers to voting.
  5. We are one of the five pioneer states for all vote-by-mail and we will be in the national spotlight.
  6. Plus of course, messaging based on your own experience and thoughts.  

This is our last chance to push for this goal this session. 

Thanks to all for all your help!

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