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Denise Gray and TSOK

Five Things to Know Today

Good morning! I had someone say to me recently that the Forward Five was getting pretty full of “stuff” beyond the Five Things to Know. My only excuse is that there is so much to know, and to do.

For example, there’s ordering your absentee ballot. I helped someone do that yesterday, and it literally only took one minute. Check the data, click Next. Do that five times, and you’re done.

It’s important that we have an increase in turnout for this primary, so we can show that no-excuse absentee voting works. So, I’ll keep pushing it.

Hope you have a great weekend. Keep doing all the things (masks, hands, tests, etc.). We’re going to get through this, no matter how long a slog it is, together. #TeamKentucky

Bruce Maples, publisher
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Coronavirus cases continue to rise in Kentucky; governor touches on many topics – 6/4 update
The number of new, daily coronavirus cases in Kentucky continues to creep up, hitting a seven-day high of 295 on Thursday. The update covered a number of non-COVID topics as well. (Forward Kentucky)

Cameron asks legislators for law to limit governor’s powers
Attorney General Daniel Cameron urged lawmakers to consider making changes to the law that gives a governor emergency powers. (Forward Kentucky)

Senate panel confirms McConnell protege Justin Walker for nation’s No. 2 court
On a party line vote, Judge Justin Walker, Sen. Mitch McConnell’s family friend and former clerk, has been confirmed by the Senate Judiciary Committee to serve on the D.C. Court of Appeals. The full vote in the Senate to confirm Walker will probably be next week. (Courier-Journal)

Kentucky congressman calls protesters ‘violent looters and lawless criminals’
U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie had choice words for protesters in Louisville and nationwide expressing frustration over police brutality and racial inequities. Speaking on the “Tom Roten Morning Show” on Thursday morning, Massie said many protesters are “just violent looters and and lawless criminals at this point” who cannot articulate their goals.

“Contrast that to you know what Martin Luther King Jr. did,” he continued. “Is there an articulate person among the group who are upset with the way things are going that can step up to a microphone and speak for all the people? I’m not seeing that person.” (Courier-Journal)

The Rev. Jesse Jackson coming to Louisville amid protests and calls for justice
Civil rights leader the Rev. Jesse Jackson is coming to Louisville Sunday for a conversation about race and justice with the Rev. Kevin Cosby. Cosby confirmed Thursday that he will interview Jackson during a live television chat on SSC TV. The pastor of one of Louisville’s largest black churches, St. Stephen Baptist Church, said that the conversation, starting around 9:30 a.m., will take place without parishioners or an audience because the church’s campuses remain closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. (Courier-Journal)

Today’s show

Hearing from black voices on TSOK

        On today’s The State of Kentucky, we interview Denise Gray and Corbin Snardon. We’ll talk about the black experience in Kentucky, both urban and rural, and the recent events across the state. We’ll also hear what actions are needed, and how allies can help. You can watch it live at noon, or watch it later on our site.

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Did you miss any of these?

Featured Content on Forward Kentucky

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— News —

[new] Here’s the money numbers for the competitive Dem primaries for state legislature. – As we head toward the last finance reporting deadline and the June 23 primary, here are the money numbers for the competitive Democratic primaries for seats in the Kentucky House and Senate. (read)

[new] ‘We are better than this’: Group condemns effigy hanging – Focus On Race Relations Frankfort sponsored an event on the Capitol grounds to condemn the hanging in effigy of Gov. Beshear last month, as well as to mark the anniversary of the lynching of an African-American man on a Frankfort bridge. (read)

Appeals court throws out Ky. law restricting common abortion method – A federal court of appeals panel, on a split decision, has upheld a lower court ruling that threw out a Kentucky law restricting use of a common method of abortion. (read)

🔥 Statements by Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Jimmy Carter on the death of George Floyd and on racism – Former presidents George Bush, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter have released statements on the death of George Floyd and on dealing with our country’s racism. Here are those statements. (read)

Investigation begins into fatal shooting in Louisville – Some preliminary information has been released on the investigation into the death of a man in west Louisville after shots were allegedly fired at police and Kentucky National Guardsmen early Monday morning. (read)

— Commentary —

🔥 [new] Hey evangelicals – you okay with Trump’s blasphemy? – President Trump did a photo op in front of a church, having his picture made with a Bible for use in his campaign. Evangelicals, you okay with this? (read)

[new] ‘Vote, baby, vote‘ – Dr. King said we should be telling each other “vote, baby, vote.” So will the protesters of today be the voters of November? (read)

[new] Dear fragile whites – join me in taking action – One author says that “fragile whites” cannot face their own complicity in racism. Bruce Dobyns shares his own thoughts and actions about that. (read)

— Policy —

Militarization has fostered a policing culture that sets up protesters as ‘the enemy’ – The militarization of police departments has been a feature of U.S. domestic law enforcement since the 9/11 attacks. What is clear from the latest round of protest and response is that despite efforts to promote de-escalation as a policy, police culture appears to be stuck in an “us vs. them” mentality. (read)

— Cartoon —

She’s got a weapon! – Aaron Smith’s latest, on one of the disturbing events of the weekend. (view)

— Media —

[new podcast] Kentucky’s week of protest + Amy McGrath Interview – Jazmin and Robert break down in detail the civic unrest and police response in Louisville, and touch upon the protests in other cities across Kentucky. Then, the interview is with Amy McGrath. Listen in! (listen)

🔥  The Mitch McConnell Story – Vice TV trailer – This is the trailer for an episode of Vice TV’s “A Seat at the Table” about Mitch McConnell. It stands pretty well on its own, so we thought we’d share. (view)

🔥 [photo gallery] Mayfield Protest – a photo gallery – Berry Craig covered the protest in his hometown of Mayfield, and took these pictures as well as writing a story about it. (view)

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