Tell our Senators to pass the HEROES Act!

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Hello Indivisibles,

The House passed the HEROES Act last Friday by a vote of 208/199. We’ve been asking Rep. Garamendi not to let Republicans water down this coronavirus relief bill- and we’re happy to report that he voted YES on the Act, and NO on a motion to recommit that would have weakened the bill. Now, hopefully it will go to the Senate for consideration. While it does not contain some provisions we might have wanted – paycheck guarantee, continuing stimulus payments, etc., the bill does improve significantly on the CARES Act, especially on democracy and protections for immigrants, and provides additional financial relief and public health measures. Some of the items included are:

  •  $3.6 billion in election funding to expand vote by mail and safe in-person voting locations
  •  $25 billion in funding for the United States Postal Service
  • Additional $1,200 payments to individuals, including immigrants and dependents over the age of 16
  • A moratorium on evictions and foreclosures
  • Expanded paid/sick/family leave for all workers
  • Free testing and treatment for all, including immigrants regardless of status

The HEROES Act will save countless lives and ensure working families are able to weather this recession, but we’re worried that Republicans will not give it a fair chance in the Senate. We need to remind our Senators to be strong in their support for this important legislation. Working families are struggling to make ends meet. We need every protection in the HEROES Act to pass or lives will be at stake.

Below, you can find example call scripts to thank Rep. Garamendi and to ask Sen. Harris and Feinstein to strongly support the bill.

And don’t forget, our General Meeting will be next Monday, May 25th, online. As always, you can find up-to-date events on our calendar at

Take care, everyone!

The Indivisible Yolo Team

Postcards and postcarding supplies on a table.

Postcarding meet-ups, textbank training, phonebanking- there are many opportunities to keep doing the work even while social distancing. Check out the Indivisible Yolo calendar!

Tell our Senators to pass the HEROES Act; Thank Rep. Garamendi for voting YES:

Sample Call Script for Sen. Harris and Feinstein:
Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME] and I am a constituent from [CITY/STATE]. I’m calling Senator Harris/Feinstein to urge her to do everything possible to ensure that the HEROES Act is considered and passed in the Senate. The bill includes necessary protections to keep people on payrolls, provide financial relief, protect our public health, and defend democracy. The Senator should strongly support the HEROES Act and its protections for working families. People are struggling to make ends meet. We need every protection in the HEROES Act to pass or lives will be at stake.Sample “Thank you” Script for Rep. Garamendi:
Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME] and I am a constituent from [CITY/ZIP CODE]. I’m calling Representative Garamendi to thank him for his YES vote on the HEROES Act. I also appreciate that he voted NO on the motion to recommit and helped keep Republicans from weakening the bill. We need every protection in the HEROES Act to pass or lives will be at stake.

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