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Five Things to Know Today

Good morning! A few days ago I mused out loud about the typical “hair on fire” posts that some sites regularly put up, as compared to the somewhat more restrained approach I try to follow. I got a number of comments in response.

One person noted, rightly, that always being frantic was a good way to wear out, and also that it didn’t accomplish much. Another said that perhaps the occasional Hair-On-Fire® post might be worth doing, as well as posting such items from other writers.

I’m still pondering all of this, but one thing seems certain: With all the noise these days, I think it would be helpful to have something that says “Pay attention to THIS – it’s important.” An example would be the current SCOTUS case involving Trump and subpoenas. I would wager that very few are paying attention to it, and yet it could be one of the most important decisions in years, and could have a direct impact on our democracy.

What do you think? Click the email link below to send me your thoughts on this. I’d be glad for more opinions and feedback.

And as always – Wash your hands 🧼, wear your mask 😷, and get tested. We’re going to get through this, together. #TeamKentucky

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Friday before Memorial Day: groups of 10 or less, travel ban dropped – 5/14 update
Also, applications are open for assistance from the Team Kentucky Fund, and testing continues to expand. More news in the story, as well as the video of the presser. (Forward Kentucky)

We have a debate!
After pressure from the campaigns of Charles Booker and especially Mike Broihier, Amy McGrath’s campaign has agreed to a debate on June 1 hosted by KET. (Forward Kentucky)

Kentucky Exposition Center will be Jefferson County’s sole in-person primary voting site
Jefferson County voters who do not wish to mail in ballots for the primary election will be able to cast ballots at the Kentucky Exposition Center. The facility, at the state fairgrounds, 937 Phillips Lane, will accommodate the more than 2,000 different ballot styles, e-Poll books, scanners and voting booths, local officials said. It will also be accessible for those with disabilities and allow free parking. (Courier-Journal)

Louisville mayor calls for FBI, US attorney to review Breonna Taylor shooting investigation
A public integrity investigation into the fatal police shooting of 26-year-old Breonna Taylor will be sent to federal officials for review, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said Thursday. The investigation, which started March 13 and should be completed “in a few weeks,” will be sent to the FBI Louisville Field Office and U.S. Attorney Russell Coleman’s office. Louisville Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad said Attorney General Daniel Cameron will be responsible for any decisions about whether to bring charges against officers. (Courier-Journal)

KY Secretary of State watching ‘faithless electors’ case closely
Kentucky’s Secretary of State, Michael Adams, says he is watching closely to see how the U.S. Supreme Court rules on two cases they heard on Wednesday involving “faithless electors,” members of the Electoral College who don’t vote for the candidate they pledge to support. (Forward Kentucky)

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[new] Beshear says crisis offers chance to overcome political divisions – 5/13 update – Points to Bowling Green hotspot as view of our possible future; discusses younger adults also getting the virus; more info on pediatric syndrome. (read)

🔥 [new] Legislative leaders give Beshear high marks for handling of coronavirus – Legislative leaders of both parties offered fairly high marks in their assessments of Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. (read)

[new] Booker releases new ad, makes large ad purchase – The “Booker for Senate” campaign has released a new ad, accompanied by what they are calling a “six-figure digital ad campaign.” (read)

“Will It Be Enough?”: Meatpacking workers fear for safety as coronavirus cases mount – The ReSource spoke with some workers at four poultry and meatpacking plants in the region where coronavirus outbreaks have infected workers. They described the close conditions inside the facilities, their doubts about the safeguards in place, and one worker who has been infected with coronavirus spoke about his fear for his family’s health. (read)

🔥 Fairness Campaign PAC issues candidate endorsements for June election – C-FAIR has issued their endorsements for the upcoming June election, which includes both primaries and special elections. (read)

🔥 KYians watch Trump … but trust Beshear – We learned in a recent survey that Andy Beshear has one of the highest approval ratings in the country when it comes to dealing with COVID. But, what else was in there? We take a look. (read)


[new] So, you’re willing to kill for the “economy.” – If you have a family member / friend / online troll who keeps yelling “FREEDOM! I don’t need a mask — I’m not a coward! This is government overreach! Its my life — if I want to take my chances and die that’s my right!” – then feel free to tell them “So, you’re willing to kill for the economy.” (read)

🔥 Dear LMPD and Mayor Fischer – Two months? Really? – Why is the investigation of Breonna Taylor’s killing still “ongoing” after two months? And would it still be if it hadn’t gotten national attention? (read)

Should my hair be on fire, or no? – I’m struggling with the right approach to take to these news items, all of which raise alarms. How much “shouting from rooftops” is too much? Share your thoughts in the comments. (read)


Those COVID models? They’re tools, not destiny. – Each day we are deluged with new predictions of what lies ahead in the pandemic. So where do these models come from? And, how should we think about them? (read)

— Cartoon —

Your post office in peril – In case you hadn’t heard, Republicans in Washington are threatening to abandon the Post Office, because it isn’t making as much money as they want it to. But never fear – there’s a new Postmaster General, and he’s definitely going to make things better. (view)

— Media —

[new podcast] COVID lawsuits, Breonna Taylor killed by LMPD, and interview with Will Barnett – Discussion about state efforts on COVID, incl a rundown of all the lawsuits; the killing of Breonna Taylor by LMPD; and an Interview of Will Barnett. (listen)

🔥 What are Trump and the GOP really up to? – On this week’s The State of Kentucky we are joined by lawyer, author, and political analyst Teri Kanefield, who regularly publishes analysis of Trump and the GOP that is insightful, timely, and revealing. Is it all random, or is there a method to the madness? Join us to learn more! (watch)

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