No legal immunity for companies that sicken employees!

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Hello Indivisibles,

For this week’s action, we’re continuing our focus on a People’s Agenda for coronavirus relief. A People’s Agenda would protect public health, defend elections, keep people on payrolls, and provide financial relief. We’re asking Rep. Garamendi to vote NO on any bill unless it includes those elements.
As more companies force people back to work in unsafe conditions, Mitch McConnell’s priority is to shield companies from legal liability when they ignore basic worker protections and sicken employees. Workers who are “offered” jobs in unsafe conditions would have to choose between losing unemployment benefits and risking illness or death in unsafe conditions, and companies would be unaccountable for harming their employees after forcing them back to work.

Please call Rep. Garamendi and ask him to vote NO on any coronavirus relief bill if it strips worker protections and makes companies unaccountable for forcing workers into unsafe conditions.

As always, sample call and email scripts for this week’s actions are below, and our up-to-date calendar of events can be found at

Take care,

The Indivisible Yolo Team

Tell Rep. Garamendi: No legal immunity for companies that force workers into unsafe conditions!

Sample Call Script for Rep. Garamendi:
Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME] and I’m a constituent from [CITY or zip code]. I’m calling Representative Garamendi to urge him to make a public commitment to vote NO on any future coronavirus relief bill unless it is a true People’s Agenda for relief, including protecting public health, defending elections, keeping people on payrolls, and providing financial relief.

Today, I’m specifically calling on Representative Garamendi to make sure that businesses that operate in an unsafe manner and put their workers at risk can be held legally accountable. Corporate America, including many companies that are asking for taxpayer-funded bailouts, are also asking for legal immunity if they get workers sick. Coronavirus is already spreading in unsafe workplaces, often because employers are refusing to provide protective gear to workers, and Congress must ensure that companies that expose their workers to unreasonable health and safety hazards can be held legally accountable.

Sample email Script for Rep. Garamendi:
The Trump administration’s response to the COVID-19 epidemic hasn’t done nearly enough to help working people. I’m calling on Rep. Garamendi to vote NO on the next coronavirus relief package unless it is a true People’s Agenda for relief. That means the next relief package must:

  1. Defend elections: Enact a vote-by-mail requirement for 2020 federal elections while maintaining access to in-person voting for those who do not have access to mail voting. The bill should include the protections called for in Sen. Warren’s Election Protection plan.
  2. Keep people on payrolls: Stop mass layoffs, and preserve employment relationships for all businesses, including small businesses. Ensure federal dollars go to workers and small businesses, not enriching CEOs and Wall Street.
  3. Provide financial relief: Expand aid for the most vulnerable in the COVID-19 epidemic, including direct cash assistance, increased food aid, debt relief, and eviction protections.
  4. Protect public health: Have full health coverage for all COVID-19 care and protections for all front-line workers, make sure everyone has paid sick leave and health care coverage, and ensure that companies that expose their workers to unreasonable health and safety hazards can be held legally accountable.

Democrats must ensure the next package provides relief to every person in this country, regardless of tax or immigration status, age or disability.

This outbreak has already resulted in tens of thousands of people dying, and tens of millions losing their jobs. It has thrown our elections, health care system, and economy into chaos. We can’t afford to wait any longer for Congress to take these necessary steps; it’s time for the Representative to use his vote to demand real relief through a People’s Agenda.

Details about the People’s Agenda can be found here:

Postcarding supplies sit next to an laptop that displays a phonebanking call script.

There’s a special election this Tuesday, May 12th in CA-25- Christy Smith is running for Congress. Even though there are more registered Democrats than Republicans in the district, so far, more Republicans have returned their ballots. It’s going to be a tight race.

Calling to get out the vote is just one of the opportunities for postcarding, textbanking, and phonebanking on our volunteer calendar. Check it out here:

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