Teri Kanefield on Oligarchy v. Democracy (Start Me Up podcast)

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Author and lawyer Teri Kanefield returns to discuss one of her illumination and informative Twitter threads about oligarchy v. democracy. She explains why it’s important to understand why we cannot asses Trump in the same way we’d assess Obama or even George W. Bush. Trump is not looking to run a healthy democracy, he’s trying to create an oligarchy. Writing him off as an idiot is dangerous because he is accomplishing his goal. But there’s good news! He hasn’t succeeded, and as long as we’re armed with facts and don’t allow ourselves to give in to the doomsday scenario, Trump will lose in November. This conversation is so important because it comes from a measured and informed perspective.

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Kimberley A. Johnson is an author and an activist for women’s rights, a contributor at The Huffington Post and has her own Patreon writing site. She is the Director of Media and Public Relations Spokesperson for the national advocacy group We Are Woman. Her books include Peyton's Choice, American Woman: The Poll Dance and The Virgin Diaries. She portrayed a police officer on the NBC daytime drama Days of Our Lives for seven years. She's also a former spinster, but will always be a crazy cat lady.

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