A New Friend

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I have a new friend – it must be a “he”
Much too annoying to ever be “she”!
His name is “Corona” – that’s all that I know.
He’s messed up my life from my head to my toe.

He wasn’t invited – he just walked through the door.
His presence is felt from the ceiling to floor.
I have to wipe this – I have to wipe that
Now I mustn’t DO this and I mustn’t DO that.

My life is upended and changed beyond measure
My friends are all absent and I miss the pleasure
Of chatting and talking with them face to face
Instead I’m just sitting in my own lonely place.

I eat at weird times and in strange combinations
I find myself caught up in new situations  
I go to bed late and sleep way past the dawn
My thoughts are confused and conclusions aren’t drawn.

I want him to leave me and move right along
“Desert me”, “avoid me”, that’s my new song.
But sadly the news keeps telling me “No”
He might stay around – Does anyone know?

I’m blessed to be living in a place that’s secure
I’m grateful; I’m thankful and couldn’t ask more.
I’m surrounded by people who couldn’t do better
I wish I could write to each one a letter.

I thank you and bless you for all that you do.
For making me safe and comfortable, too.
You go out of your way so I won’t be lonely.
For others as well, and not for me only.

This time will pass and we’ll go back to our life
The way that we were – we’ll forget all this strife,
But let’s not forget the good lessons we learned
And the painful and lonely knowledge we earned.

Reach out to your friends and the ones that you love
Talk to them, call them, put your hand in their glove
Don’t let time slip away or those contacts just wait
It’s the time to reach out before it’s too late.

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