CORONAVIRUS ATLAS maps US cases, safety tips and response

There are facts - and 'alternative facts'. A means to find the truth is needed when alternate facts put lives at risks.

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Coronavirus Atlas is a free app created by activists after they learned that the CDC had stopped reporting how many people had been tested for the Coronavirus. The app includes cases reported in the US, safety tips and how the Trump administration is responding.

How information is collected and shared

The app obtains details of reported cases from the esri Public Health Coronavirus (COVID19) GIS Hub and overlays it with news reports.

Volunteers enter safety tips and official actions in a database that powers the mobile app. Users can easily search for information by topic or location. The solution is available at

How can you help? Volunteer to collect and add information to the database. Learn more here.

Organizing information

There is a flood of information about the Coronavirus from various sources. This makes it hard for people to fully understand the scope of the danger, incidents in their vicinity and what safety precautions they should take. The app collects and organizes information into an easy-to-use form.

  • Information is collected from publicly available sources and links to more details.
  • The app organizes content by reported cases, official actions and safety tips.
  • Details can be searched from a map, a list or by typing in a keyword.
  • At the time of this blog the app includes 68 reported cases which have affected 348 people.
  • There are 17 examples of how the Trump administration has responded and 9 safety tips.
  • The goal is to get support to keep the app refreshed.
How to use the app and search for information


Don’t fall for alternative facts. Stay informed.

Volunteer to keep the Coronavirus Atlas up to date. It does really take a village!

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