California House District Races: Update

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Here in California election day is over, but the work is far from over. As Californians may remember from 2018, it takes a long time to count and verify all the votes. 

Last week, I called out a few House races that could prove interesting due to the nature of our jungle primary. So here’s where these races stand —  with top two candidates listed — as of March 4, 9:07 a.m. Remember that conventional wisdom states that Republicans tend to vote earlier than Democrats. The presidential primary seems to have increased that tendency this year. According to exit polls, 18 percent of voters in the Democratic presidential primary only made their decision in the past few days. What does this all mean? The numbers below could be changing as you read them!

CA 8: 

  • Jay Obernolte REP 35.2%
  • Christine Bubser DEM 27.2%

So far, we’ve got a horse in the race. Republican Tim Donnelly lags more than 5 points behind Bubser.

CA 10: 

  • Josh Harder DEM 39.8%
  • Ted Howze REP 37.5%

Harder is leading but Republicans have banked more votes thus far. Expect Harder’s totals to rise as late-returned votes get counted.

CA 16: 

  • Kevin Cookingham REP 38.5%
  • Jim Costa DEM 37.5%

In a district where Democrats outnumber Republicans by 20 points, Cookingham leads as of now because three Democrats, including the incumbent Costa, split the vote. 

CA 21: As of March 4, 9:07 a.m.:  

  • David G. Valadao REP 53.1%
  • TJ Cox DEM 36.1%

Valadao is back for a rematch. While right now more Republicans have cast votes than Democrats, Cox’s seat was the last unresolved House seat in the general elections in 2018.

CA 25: 

  • Christy Smith DEM 29.8%
  • Mike Garcia REP 25.5%

As of now, Republicans have a combined vote total greater than the six Democrats on the ballot. 

CA 50: As of March 4, 9:07 a.m.:  

  • Ammar Campa-Najjar DEM 34.4%
  • Darrell Issa REP 24.9%

Right now Issa leads to take on Campa-Najjar for Duncan Hunter’s old seat, and combined vote totals for Republicans are higher than for Democrats.

CA 53: 

  • Sara Jacobs DEM 29.6%
  • Georgette Gómez DEM 18.6%

So far, it’s looking like a race between two Democrats. Republican Chris Stoddard sits at third with 14% of the vote.

Election results will be updated as individual counties receive and process their votes. On March 5, all counties must provide the Secretary of State an estimate of how many unprocessed ballots remain, so we will know a lot more about our candidates for the general election then. Visit to check for updated results.

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Rena Korb is a professional writer and editor. Her publications span from children’s books to political commentary. She volunteers as a DemCast California captain and as a leader with her local Indivisible chapter. She also is a lifelong activist, attending her first protest when she was 16. She lives in San Mateo with her family and, in non-pandemic times, enjoys playing Ultimate frisbee.

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