Thursday’s Actions: Protect Birthright Citizenship, Demand a Town Hall, and More

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Days to Election Day:


Protect Birthright Citizenship
The State Department has told US embassies across the world to deny visas to people they suspect are coming to the US to give birth — guidance that gives broad discretion to consular officers and could prove dangerous to pregnant people seeking medical care. The apparent goal is to clamp down on foreigners giving birth to children in the US who become, by birth, American citizens.

The guidance would create new barriers for pregnant people at consulates abroad applying for B visas, which are offered to short-term visitors, including tourists, business travelers, and people seeking urgent medical care. The government does not track how many pregnant travelers come to the US on B visas, but 2017 data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that the new guidance would likely affect roughly 10,000 people annually.

According to one State Department official, pregnant people applying for these kinds of visas may not receive the kind of care they need in their home country or have the money to get better care in the US. “People will die because of this,” the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a sensitive matter, told Vox.

Subverting birthright citizenship — the constitutional guarantee to all children born in America, regardless of their parents’ nationality — has long been a goal for some of the Trump administration’s immigration hawks, including White House senior adviser Stephen Miller. We need to stand up for birthright citizenship AND for the health of pregnant women who choose to come to the US to give birth, not to mention the newborn children our medical system can help. Call your reps and push them to rescind this dangerous policy.

Hat tip: Red T. Raccoon


Hello, I am a constituent calling from _____________ to urge Rep. __________________ to block a new State Department policy that would prevent women from entering the country while they are pregnant. Aside from being a massive invasion of privacy, this sets a dangerous precedent that is just one more attempt to eliminate birthright citizenship. It is also medically dangerous. Many women come to the US because of our healthcare system, and blocking them from entering the country will put the health of pregnant mothers and their newborn children at risk. Thank you.


Remind Tillis that He hasn’t Fulfilled His Promise to Attend Town Halls
Thom Tillis claims that we are tired of impeachment. But several hundred of his constituents have tried to tell him otherwise. Which only serves to illustrate that Tillis is not listening to his constituents, despite his promise to hold town halls all across the state. Let’s call Tillis and (1) hold him accountable by demanding that he hold or attend a town hall and (2) tell him (or his staffers) one issue where he obviously has NOT been listening to his constituents.

Yes, the above link is over a year old, but he hasn’t bothered to hold any town halls since then.

Hello, Senator Tillis, I am calling to request that you hold a public town hall that is accessible to your constituents. Town halls on military bases that are inaccessible to the public won’t cut it. We’ve called, written, and faxed with the hope of engaging in meaningful dialogue, but you haven’t responded. The best way to show that you’re willing to engage with your constituents is to speak directly with us at a town hall. Thank you.

Thom Tillis: DC: (202) 224-6342


Empty Chair Town Hall for Senator Thom Tillis
Speaking of town halls, we’re hosting one. Indivisible Triangle Daily Call to Action is sponsoring another empty chair town hall for Thom Tillis. When he was campaigning, Senator Tillis promised that he would hold town halls to meet with his voters and hear our concerns. He hasn’t done that. We’ve repeatedly invited him to our town halls. We’ve emailed, called, faxed and hand-delivered invitations. We’ve even considered a singing telegram. And yet, he never shows up. But ALL the other major candidates HAVE confirmed. Democrats Erica Smith and Cal Cunningham have stated they plan to be in attendance, along with Libertarian Shannon Bray.

While all questions are certainly welcome, the primary theme of this town hall will be healthcare. We’d like you to (1) sign up to attend and (2) come prepared with your questions about Tillis’s views on healthcare.

Event details: Empty Chair Town Hall, Thursday, February 20, 6 PM, Youngsville Community Center, 115 E Main St., Youngsville, NC.

Facebook event page:

Raleigh Women’s March
The fourth Raleigh Women’s March is scheduled for this upcoming Sunday, January 26, from 12:30-3pm at Halifax Mall. Once again, Indivisible Triangle Daily Call to Action will be sponsoring and will have a table at the event. If you’re interested in helping us staff our table, please let us know. If you’ve commented or used our scripts but we haven’t met in person, we’d also enjoy meeting you, so please stop by. No matter what, the Women’s Marches have been galvanizing events where you can hear outstanding speakers and network with other progressives in our community.


Donate Coats at the Women’s March to Help Raleigh’s Homeless Population
From Tony Cope: We are collecting ‘gently used’ coats and winter wear for the Raleigh Women’s Center. They are a severe need. We can collect these at our Moms Demand Action table on Sunday.

Poor People’s Assembly & Moral March on Washington
Many of us have followed the Moral Monday movement as well as the wonderful work of the Poor People’s Campaign. On June 20, 2020 people across this country will come together for a “fusion movement” that demands the adoption of a Moral Agenda. You can already RSVP for the event and start planning on how you’ll participate in this national movement. On a day in which Dr. King is nationally recognized, today is the perfect time to build upon his work and legacy by engaging in this action.

From the Poor People’s Campaign: “The fact that there are 140 million poor and low-wealth people in a country this rich is morally indefensible, constitutionally inconsistent and economically insane. We are building power for an agenda that lifts all people by challenging the interlocking injustices of systemic racism, poverty, ecological devastation, the war economy and the distorted moral narrative of religious nationalism!”


Originally posted on Indivisible Daily Call to Action.
Re-posted with permission.

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