Could it happen here?

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"Armageddon" by John Fowler. (CC BY 2.0)

Imagine a right-wing authoritarian leader who is a pathological liar and instinctively allies with other authoritarians. Powerful broadcasters support his every word, formulate wild conspiracies that defy logic, and spread propaganda. Contradictory stories are fake news.

His cult-like followers feel they are highly nationalistic, exceptional, and believe the one true religion, possess a superior culture, that must spread to others and so became a far-flung empire.

Behind the scenes, hidden from public view, corporations and big donors actually govern. They mostly pick candidates from which voters choose. They oppose democracy.

Elections are gerrymandered, voter turnout suppressed, election machines made vulnerable, foreign interference welcomed, anyway the Constitution is constructed in such a way that some voters are much more equal than others. That way, a diminishingly small minority of billionaires comes to govern. 

Corruption is rampant. The Courts are packed with acolytes, many unqualified. Many senior officials are jailed, but if they are loyal they have a good chance of being pardoned. 

The movement rejects science so there is a mass exodus of competent experts from public service. 

Militarization puts the economy in overdrive. WMDs are expensive so social programs and infrastructure are starved. 

The wealthy get tax cuts. People burdened with heavy debt are sinking and insecure which tends to keep them quiet and support the right wing. 

They blame the poor, minorities, and other races for their problems, are threatened by outsiders, so are racists, accelerate deportations, and build fortifications to keep ‘them’ out.

They have little or no compassion for others, so it is no surprise have the world’s largest prisons, also build concentration camps with no regard the well-being of the incarcerated, many are children. Deaths are not uncommon. They think torture works and the leader promises to make it even worse.

So who would tolerate such a government? Could be Nazi Germany before they found out they were doomed? Or Could it be Republicans who seem to be fine with ending life on the planet as we know it?

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