Write Your Senators Now: McConnell must recuse himself from the Senate trial

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has stated that we the people should not expect to see a fair or thorough process when the Senate begins the impeachment trial.  He, along with Trump’s other Republican enablers, have already decided to ignore their oath to the Constitution and put protecting Trump above all else.

Although Democrats are in the Senate minority, we can still ask our Democratic Senators to go on record and show that the American majority was on the right side of history.

This letter template can be customized and faxed or emailed to your Senator(s).

Our phone calls, faxes, and website form submissions to Senate offices must be recorded by office staff.

FaxZero.com is a free and convenient tool for sending a fax to your MoC every day.

You can find online submission forms on the US Senate website.

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