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Let’s show Congress how it’s done

Indivisible SF and Indivisible East Bay have staged a Model Impeachment Hearing, featuring streamlined presentations of some Articles that we think Congress should consider, to demonstrate to Congress the range of impeachable offenses that we want presidents to be accountable for.

Although we say in the introduction that this is “the full and complete case for impeaching President Donald John Trump,” we’ve actually only covered the tip of the iceberg of Trump’s high crimes and misdemeanors. We have other scripts that we have yet to film, and there’s likely other things we didn’t even think of.

The Model Impeachment Hearing is intended to be replicated by Congress, and also by you. Your Indivisible chapter, theater group, or other band of performers is invited to make your own Model Impeachment Hearing, whether you use our scripts as-is, alter them to expand the scope or refine the case, or come up with entirely new scripts for other facets of the Trump regime. Send those videos to your Members of Congress, and to us.

Below, you’ll find our scripts and our videos. If you stage a Model Impeachment Hearing of your own, send us the links to your videos and we’ll include them in our list (subject to our own discretion, of course).



Racist bigotry

Anti-LGBTQ+ bigotry

Corruption and graft

Threats to national security

Maladministration of our healthcare system

Destruction of our climate and environment

Conclusion/call to action

Originally posted on Indivisible SF. Re-posted with permission.

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