1 Thing You Must Do Now That Impeachment is Here

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Image from South Korea’s non-violent, candlelight protests that forced the resignation of the country’s president. Image via Political Charge.

The House Judiciary Committee will detail the articles of impeachment against President Trump today. That means the House of Representatives will soon be making a historic vote.

Which means we, as the citizens of this country, must make our voices heard and send a clear, strong signal to our Representatives in Congress that we expect them to vote to impeach the president.

I hope you have already called or written to your Rep to tell them this. (If you haven’t, do so today. Here’s their contact info.)

But there’s one more thing we can do. A coalition of groups has organized marches all over the country to take place the night before the impeachment vote. Imagine the news broadcast the night before the most consequential vote of the era, with tens of thousands of Americans, each marching in their own cities to send a clear, resounding message: impeach this dishonorable president. Just look at that image at the top of this post–that many citizens coming together in a candlelight protest is a powerful force in politics. Recall that famous quote:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

To be honest, I have not participated in every protest of the past 3 years. I think for a protest to be effective, it needs to have a clear goal, a singular message that it wishes to convey, and large enough group to make a difference. And I believe that this marchhas all the right ingredients to be effective.

I encourage you to sign up today. The way it works is that after you sign up, your local organizer will inform you when the official vote gets scheduled and will confirm the exact time and date of your local march. But you’ll need to be signed up to get that important update!

Here’s the link to find out where your local march is: Nobody is above the law events There are marches scheduled in all 50 states at this point, and more locations are being added every day as this vote becomes a reality.

Let’s stand together as a community and speak with one voice in unison: impeach!


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Originally posted on Political Charge. Re-posted with permission.

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