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A few big & small moments this year for Sumner Moms Demand Action in Tennessee for 2019.

Our first full year as a group. First up: Did my very first radio interview with WQKR Good Morning, Portland. Talked about starting a new group & focused on #BeSmart for our county.

First #BeSmart house party. Two pediatricians in attendance now hand out Be Smart cards at every three-year-old well visit!

Learned how to effectively advocate lawmakers for common sense gun laws.

Showed up at the Tennessee legislature weekly to stop bad gun bills! Our rapid response is impressive when legislators try and sneak in arming teachers bills.

Met with Rep. John Rose to talk about the importance of national Red Flag Laws and Background checks on every sale.

Advocacy Day!

Met with lawmakers and took time to hang with little advocates as well.

Held a vigil for the Christchurch shooting.

Asked Congress to support the violence against women’s act and showed up to fight against the gutting of our permit system.

Spent time planning #WearOrange and how we could help support our community.

The Tennessee legislature continued to try and sneak the arming of teachers in as well as gut our permit system. So we showed up time and again!

Went and met Amy Klobuchar which my daughter still cherishes and is thankful for women running for President and caring about gun violence prevention.

Teamed up with NRA certified gun instructors to try and stop the Tennessee legislature from dismantling our permit system. When it comes to safety gun instructors see first hand how much education people need before carrying in public.

Be Smart presentations and Student Demand Action—kid version launching.

First Mayoral proclamation for Gun Violence Awareness Day!

Sumner County’s first #WearOrange! Senate candidate James Mackler made an appearance and the kids made an amazing banner!

Received a generous check for the Tennessee Chapter of Moms Demand Action from Jason Isbell and Bitter South helping us in our fight to #EndGunViolence

Had the opportunity to go and see Beto O’Rourke! His commitment and passion for ending gun violence is what this country needs more of. He inspired us to #keepgoing!

Went and met Pete Buttigieg and Chasten Buttigieg when they stopped by Nashville.

Made care cards for soldiers returning home to Ft. Campbell. An average of 4,200 veterans die by firearm suicide every year—about 11 deaths a day. Making sure our veterans know they are supported is so important.

Gun Sense University where we reunite with our best friends in the country as well as get inspired by Shannon Watts!

More friends at Gun Sense University as well as Senator Chris Murphy!

And more…and with inspiration from Danica Roehm!

Then we all were devastated by the news of back to back mass shootings. We took to the street!

Returned home from Washington D.C. to hold an informational meeting for our county.

Then we called on Congress to change our gun laws and had a #RecessRally!

We had a great singer Brina Kay, a poet, and a student all speak out asking Congress to expand background checks on all sales and a national red flag law!

We continued to meet and learn how we can help those in domestic violence situations, more #BeSmart presentations, and we continued to call Senator Alexander to ask him to pass background checks on all sales as well a national red flag law.

We met with Ferrell Haile and talked to him about safe storage laws and Permitless carry. We also made care cards for Saugus High School students.

It’s been quite the year! And we raised money to continue our fight for safer communities! I look forward to all that 2020 holds as we continue to show up and give our all. We fight until we win!

Originally posted on Twitter. Re-posted with permission.

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