New Missouri Vice Chairwoman of the Education Committee Should Resign

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Open Letter from a Parent and Educator to:

  • Missouri Representative Dottie Bailey
  • Missouri House Speaker Elijiah Haahr
  • Missouri Governor Mike Parson

I am writing this letter to oppose the appointment of Representative Dottie Bailey, District 110, to the Missouri House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee.

As a veteran teacher with over 15 years in the classroom, I understand Representative Bailey’s intent is to defund and privatize our public schools. As a parent who has put five children through Missouri public schools, I cannot sit back while she dismantles our public schools. Our public schools are the heart and soul of our state and especially in rural communities like mine.

Rep. Bailey’s track record is antithetical to public education; she has no meaningful connection with public schools, she lacks an education degree, experience in the classroom and has no experience creating curriculum. Rep. Bailey works with ALEC and is supported by The American Federation for American Children which is a dark money group who creates and funds legislation to defund and privatize public schools–the group is funded by the DeVos family. Bailey has also accepted $2,600 in donations from billionaire Reed Hastings who has vowed to eliminate local school boards.

Representative Bailey also supports guns in schools (full disclosure: I am a gun owner). Her stance on this issue is particularly dangerous as she holds extremist views and has defended a bill forcing Missouri schools to allow loaded guns on their campuses despite local police and campus police departments warning that guns on campuses endanger students. Rep. Bailey was quoted on the House floor during this gun debate saying, “If that dude would come at me again, I would empty the clip in him, and then we’ll call the police.” Not only will she put our children’s education at risk, but her extremist gun views will put our children’s lives at risk as well.

It’s no secret that Representative Bailey supports unaccountable, for-profit charter schools and vouchers which drain public schools of critical resources and offer no choice for the most vulnerable students. As a veteran teacher and public school parent, I cannot stand by as the Missouri House appoints politicians such as Representative Bailey to dismantle Missouri public schools. Please stand with me and ask for Bailey’s resignation from the Missouri Education Committee.


Jessica Piper
Hopkins, Missouri

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I am a veteran Literature teacher in Northwest Missouri. I am also an activist and volunteer lead for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

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