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Five Things to Know Today

Note: No Forward Five on Thursday or Friday, as we will be taking time off to be with family and to give thanks. Happy Thanksgiving!

Beshears invite all Kentuckians to free Dec. 10 inaugural events, including two balls

Andy Beshear and wife Britainy are calling Kentucky’s 61st inauguration “a time for all Kentuckians to come together on one team — Team Kentucky.” Our story includes the link to RSVP for any events you plan on attending. (Forward Kentucky)

The Wrapping Paper Wars have begun

Kentucky, get ready – partisan politics have now invaded your holiday gift-giving. Your gift wrapping paper, to be precise. Both Team Mitch and the KDP have new designs sure to bring a spark to your holiday festivities. (Forward Kentucky)

Matt Bevin reaches out to Andy Beshear for first time since election

Governor-elect Andy Beshear said outgoing Governor Matt Bevin reached out to him Monday for the first time since the election. Beshear said Bevin invited him and his family to the Christmas tree lighting at the Governor’s Mansion Dec. 7.

“It was a very gracious call and we appreciate being involved in that Christmas tree lighting,” Beshear said. He also noted that even though that was the first time he had spoken with Bevin since the election, Bevin’s office had been helpful with transition efforts. (Spectrum News)

KY League of Cities wants to limit access to open records

KLC is proposing changing the law to only allow KY residents to make open records requests. This is a bad idea, and Amye Bensenhaver explains why. (Forward Kentucky)

And in preparation for Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Potluck – a stew of ideas

As we gather at the table this Thanksgiving, we’ll bring both our dishes and our views of the world. Can we find a good way to share both? (Forward Kentucky)

Did you miss any of these?
Featured Content on Forward Kentucky

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🔥[new] Climate strikes this week in Frankfort, next week in Bowling Green – Climate strikes are continuing around the world, demanding action on the climate crisis. Two such strikes are coming to Kentucky in the next two weeks. (read)


[new] ‘I can’t stand this!’ KentuckyWired leader points finger at Steve Beshear budget chief – As lawmakers continue their investigation into KentuckyWired, the state’s troubled plan to expand broadband internet to rural residents, the man overseeing the project is pointing the finger of blame at the state’s former budget director, Mary Lassiter. (read)

🔥[new] ‘Tug of war’ over KY education. How the battle between Beshear, commissioner is shaping up – It’s a tug of war: Beshear wants a new board of ed and a new commissioner. Current commish Wayne Lewis says he likely couldn’t work with an all-new board. (read)

🔥Kentucky advocates pitch ‘red flag’ law to remove guns from those deemed a threat – Leges learned about “red flag laws” that allow emergency orders to temporarily remove guns from a person deemed an immediate threat to themselves or others. (read)


🔥[new] Gov. Matt Bevin’s ‘poor and childish’ legacy gives bipartisanship a window in Kentucky – As Governor-elect Beshear’s transition team measures the drapes, fellow Dems and even Repubs are wondering: could we actually work together? (read)

Krusty the Clown Syndrome – Billionaires are whining about Warren’s wealth tax, as they try to be Sideshow Bob. Don’t be like Krusty the Clown and fall for their Sideshow Bob antics. (read)


[new] Thankful for SNAP’s role in the Commonwealth – As we give thanks this season, let’s ensure all Kentuckians can put food on the table with the help of one of the best hunger-fighting, poverty-reducing, health-improving tools we have. (read)


Aaron Smith says, Bevin’s gone! – To wrap up his “Bevin’s Misdeeds” series, editorial cartoonist Aaron Smith draws one last Matt Bevin cartoon, with an important truth embedded in the cartoon. (view)


[new podcast] An interview with Sam Newton, Beshear comms director – This week’s show features Sam Newton, comms director for the Beshear campaign. Lots of insights and stories from the campaign trail! Meredith Scalos sat in for Jazmin, who was away. Robert and Meredith spoke about Matt Jones opting out of a run for U.S. Senate as well as the Beshear administration’s transition team. Also, discussions include Louisville Metro’s surplus and a report from a committee looking at public assistance in Louisville. (listen)

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