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Five Things to Know Today

Reminder: The ‘Rally for Impeachment
Is Tonight in Louisville
6:00 PM @ Odeon Louisville,
1335 Story Avenue (21 or over venue)
Charles Booker, Attica Scott, Keisha Dorsey,
Sharon Fleck, Alissa Vance, Ariana Velasquez

Inaugural committee for Beshear-Coleman hopes to raise at least $600,000

A committee to finance the Beshear-Coleman inauguration celebration has been created, but contributions to it do not have to be made public until Jan. 8. It hopes to raise $600,000. The Bevin inaugural committee raised over $1 million, and gave what wasn’t spent to charity. (Forward Kentucky)

Andy Beshear’s transition from AG to governor could upend pending lawsuits. Here’s why

As Democrat Andy Beshear prepares to transition from attorney general to governor on Dec. 10, questions remain about the status of several ongoing lawsuits filed or appealed by both offices.

The administration of Gov. Matt Bevin is a party to several different cases involving abortion access in Kentucky, while Attorney General Beshear is pursuing nine different lawsuits against manufacturers and distributors of opioids and one against Bevin’s Labor Cabinet over the investigation of teachers participating in sickout protests.

On Wednesday, AG-elect Daniel Cameron announced he will appoint Steve Pitt — Bevin’s general counsel — as his counsel and special adviser. Pitt has faced off against Beshear and his office numerous times over the last four years, defending the Bevin administration against legal challenges from the attorney general. (Courier-Journal)

Anonymous mailer slams GOP chair

The schism in the Nelson County Republican Party drastically escalated after an anonymous mailer raised questions about the ethics and integrity of its chairman. “Why is Donald Thrasher leading your Republican Party?” the mailer asked in large yellow type set on a field of American flag imagery. (The story at the link includes photos of the mailer.) (KY Standard)

Related: Republicans weigh in on Thrasher mailer(KY Standard)

Chemicals that raise health worries found at KY water plants, but below federal guide

Chemicals that raise concerns about a range of health problems were present in 15 percent of Kentucky drinking-water samples tested in a study, but only at levels well below the federal health-advisory limit. (Forward Kentucky)

Hampton appeals ruling over two fired staffers

Kentucky Lt. Gov. Jenean Hampton is appealing the dismissal of her Franklin Circuit Court lawsuit to prohibit Gov. Matt Bevin’s administration from firing her two top staffers. Attorney Joshua Harp informed the Franklin Circuit Court Wednesday that Hampton is appealing its decision to the Kentucky Court of Appeals saying “we strongly disagree with the circuit court’s ruling and we believe that this issue is too important not to pursue further legal review.” (WUKY)

Bonus: New Cartoon

Don’t miss Aaron Smith’s final cartoon in his Matt Bevin series: Bevin’s Gone!

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[new] Pro-impeachment group goes after Mitch McConnell with new TV ad in Kentucky – Need to Impeach, a group seeking to remove President Donald Trump from office, published a new TV ad Wednesday that targets Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky. This story includes the details and the ad. (read)

[new] Booker calls for Trump’s impeachment and removal from office – Rep. Charles Booker, who just announced his exploratory committee for Senate, today called for the impeachment and removal from office of President Trump. (read)

[new] Massie is lone No vote on ‘Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act’ – On Wednesday, Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky was the only NO vote on a bill supporting human rights and democracy in Hong Kong. (read)

Report: 2020 census count could affect KY progress on child well-being – KY Youth Advocates have released their “Kids Count” report, and they want to remind you: the census count will affect the benefits your community receives. (read)

He wasn’t their first pick, but Democrats now backing Josh Hicks to face Andy Barr – It appears the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has settled on a candidate to run against U.S. Rep. Andy Barr (R-Lexington) in 2020: Josh Hicks. (read)


[new] Krusty the Clown Syndrome – Billionaires are whining about Warren’s wealth tax, as they try to be Sideshow Bob. Don’t be like Krusty the Clown and fall for their Sideshow Bob antics. (read)

🔥‘Grim Reaper’ asking for civility is akin to pot calling kettle black – Irony lives: McConnell, the self-proclaimed “Grim Reaper,” is calling for the country to “learn how to behave better and be able to disagree without anger.” (read)

Hawpe: ‘Beshear will move carefully’ – In an interview with Berry Craig, veteran Kentucky journalist David Hawpe doubts Andy Beshear will look to Matt Bevin as a role model. “I think … Beshear will move carefully. His father worked quietly and cooperatively, when possible, with such Republican leaders as Senate President Robert Stivers, whose calm, deliberate, respectful approach to leadership has been in drastic contrast to the approach taken on the first floor of the Capitol for the last four years.” (read)


Facebook 1984 – Jen Sorensen lays out the history and possible future of Facebook. (view)


 Barr challenger Josh Hicks releases campaign launch video – Veteran, former police officer, and lawyer Josh Hicks is challenging Andy Barr for Congress in Kentucky’s Sixth District. Today, Hicks released his campaign launch video, entitled “Be Somebody.” (view)

[photo gallery] Recanvass – ‘Our numbers are the same. Our calculators are different.’ – Want to see how a recanvass works? Nick Lacy went to the Boyle County recanvass, and captured the process in a series of photos. (vew)

[podcast] Election fallout and U.S. Senate updates – Robert and Jazmin explain all the fallout from the 2019 election, including the Repubs in the legislature, as well as updates to the Senate 2020 race. (listen)

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