Free rides to #GeauxVote on Nov 16th: Help re-elect LA’s Democratic Governor

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The Louisiana State Conference NAACP is presenting its Louisiana Souls to the Polls to provide voters with free rides to the polls on Election Day, Nov 16. (Source: NAACP)

Louisiana’s run-off election for Governor, is tomorrow, November 16, and it’s coming down to the wire!

Help spread the word on free Uber rides to the polls.

Louisiana NAACP has partnered with Uber on “souls to the polls”. They’re sharing a graphic that makes it quick and simple to schedule a free ride. Here’s an example:

Even for people who aren’t tech savvy, it’s easy to sign up for a free ride to the polls. You can use NAACP’s graphic and simply scan the code or call the number for your city.

Here are the full instructions published on local news site WAFB:

“Use your smartphone’s camera app, press and hold the screen to scan the QR code for your city, and open the code’s link to schedule your ride within the Uber app.


You can call the number under your city.


You can use your city’s Uber link. Each city’s Uber link will be available at 6 a.m. on Election Day.

If you need to find your polling location, you can find information by parish or by voter on the Louisiana SOS lookup page.

Getting out the vote is more important than ever. Dem Governor John Bel Ewards holds a slim lead over Trumper Eddie Rispone, 48% to 46%.

Trump held a rally in Louisiana yesterday, the second in two weeks.

The GOP are encouraging their own voters to use the free ride vouchers and even trying to imply that they’re behind the offer. Here’s an example from local news org KLFY.

And according to right-wing site The Hayride, the GOP has emailed the free ride info to 100,000 people. They’re pushing the message “not just Democrats and not just black people … they don’t have a choice but to give you a ride.”

So let’s help make sure Democrats and black voters see the message, not just Republicans!

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