National Run for Office Day!

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Happy Run for Office Day!

Have you considered running for office? Do you know someone who should?

There’s so much attention on the 2020 presidential election (and the approximately 47,000 people running for president) that the down-ballot races don’t get nearly as much notice as they should.

Too often, down-ballot seats get buried by the media, political pundits, and voters for more glamorous elected positions *cough presidential race cough* but the folks elected to these offices are the people who shape our towns and districts (literally). They are the ones protecting our reproductive rights, fighting for better funding for public education, and making sure comprehensive gun reform is passed on the state and local level. 

National Run for Office Day

Not sure what offices you could run for? Check out the Run for Something Where Can I Run form for help.

Need more motivation?

We can flip more state legislatures, but it takes all of us. We encourage you to consider running for office.

And whether or not you are considering running for office, be sure to help Spread the Word!!

If you have a friend who should run for office, recommend them!

One person can make a huge difference. If you have an idea or a plan to improve your community, now’s the time to sign up to run for office. #NationalRunforOfficeDay

The problems we’re facing aren’t going to get solved in one election cycle. That’s why we need you to take a stand and run for office. All you have to do is sign up. #NationalRunforOfficeDay

You marched, you volunteered, you voted, now YOU RUN. On #NationalRunforOfficeDay, channel your passion into running for office.

And after you choose what you will run for and ask a friend, don’t forget step 3.

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