Metairie Indivisible Call of the Day November 4, 2019

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What you can do for elections and impeachment


Early Voting ALL THIS WEEK through Saturday, Nov 9.  Election Day- Saturday, Nov 16. 

As Rep. Elijah Cummings said, “The cost of doing nothing isn’t nothing” so DO SOMETHING for the Nov 16th election! 

MAKE PHONE CALLS FOR GOVERNOR JBE. The campaign is currently calling voters who supported him in the primary and to remind them to vote in Early Voting or Election day. The calls are very easy and you can call from home! Email to get set up to call from home! 

Help Dr. Tammy Savoie Win Her Runoff Election! 

Canvassing on Tuesdays and Thursdays — meet at 6pm to canvass! We’ll be meeting at 7810 Breakwater Dr., #27, New Orleans, 70124. Please join us in spreading the word to voters!

Canvassing every Saturday and Sunday! Meet us on Saturdays at 7810 Breakwater Dr., #27, New Orleans 70124 at 10.30am. Sundays will be at The Bean Gallery, 637 N Carrollton, New Orleans, 70119 starting at 12pm noon.


Sunday, Nov 17- Statewide Impeachment Rally – 3:00 – 6:00 pm, Louisiana State Capitol. We will join other Louisiana Indivisible chapters to tell our Congressional delegation we support Impeachment! 

Call Congress today! 

  • Rep. Scalise: (202) 225-3015
  • Rep. Richmond: (202) 225-6636
  • Rep. Graves: (202) 225-3901

Script: I support impeachment because elected officials asking foreign governments for investigations of American citizens to help their reelection campaigns (while withholding taxpayer funded aid to that country or while talking about trade) is a gross ABUSE OF POWER and undermines our NATIONAL SECURITY. I also believe subpoenas MUST BE OBEYED and the Trump Administration must obey all subpoenas for information or testimony. 

Special addition for Senator Cassidy: One of our members received a form email response to an email she sent regarding impeachment. Cassidy’s response included, “With that being said, Democrats have called for impeachment since President Trump won the election. The Mueller investigation went nowhere, so they’re trying something new. In the meantime, I hope they focus on passing legislation that will raise military pay, stop surprise medical billing, and other issues important to the well-being of Americans.” 

The House of Representatives has passed MANY bills addressing issues important to the well-being of Americans. Ask Senator Cassidy’s staff what is the status of these bills passed by the House (hint: the bills are stuck in the Senate because of Mitch McConnell): 

  • HR 1- Protect voting rights and against foreign election interference
  • HR 7- Paycheck Fairness Act 
  • HR 8- Background Checks on Firearm Purchases
  • HR 987- Lower Prescription Drug Cost Act
  • HR 1585- Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act 

Show Cassidy’s staff you are paying attention and know Cassidy’s response is disingenuous. 

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Metairie Indivisible is a bipartisan, grassroots community of like-minded Metairie residents (and those from surrounding areas), united to support progressive policies.

Inspired by the Indivisible Guide (, this group is coordinates concrete, practical efforts to get the attention of our local congresspeople and pressure them to stand up for our core values.

We fight corruption and foreign influence in our government, and efforts to suppress the rights of all.

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