Robert Haley Conway, Election Preview, + Debate 3 & 4 Recap, and Justin Walker Confirmed (My Old Kentucky Podcast)

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Robert Haley Conway at the KCJEA-KMCA Conference’s Candidate Forum on June 28, 2019. Via Conway's Facebook page.

This week we visited with Robert Haley Conway, the Democratic nominee for Commissioner of Agriculture.  He’s an 8th generation farmer who talked to us about the past, present, and his vision of the future for agriculture policy in Kentucky.  Mr. Conway shared with us his plan, and why he is running for office.  He’s a great candidate, definitely check out what he has to say!

Jazmin and Robert recapped two of the recent debates and Matt Bevin getting caught denying forcefully something which he in fact said, as well as the confirmation of Justin Walker, a conservative confirmed as a federal judge who received a “Not Qualified” rating from the American Bar Association.  Most of the time, though, Robert and Jazmin previewed the election, which is happening on Tuesday.  Go Vote!

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