New HUD Rule Will Increase Discriminatory Housing Practices. COMMENT NOW!

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Photo Courtesy of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, via Wikimedia Commons

A coalition of civil rights organizations is fighting back against an effort by the Trump Administration to dramatically weaken ‘disparate impact’ liability under the Fair Housing Act.

The coalition includes:

  • The National Fair Housing Alliance
  • The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights
  • NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund, Inc.
  • Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law
  • Poverty and Race Research Action Council
  • American Civil Liberties Union
  • The Center for Responsible Lending

These groups are asking for immediate action from the public! There is a comment period through 10/18 on the proposed rule change. Commenting on rules is incredibly important: public sentiment can be taken into account when bad rules are challenged legally.

LEAVE A COMMENT NOW – CLICK HERE to go to Federal Register *OR* CLICK HERE to go to for streamlined commenting.

As of 10/14/19, there were only 1,205 comments in the Federal Register about this rule change. We’re setting a goal to double that to 2,410 by 10/18.

To help you generate ideas for what you might want to say, you can read other peoples’ comments that have been left in the Federal Register: click here. But DO NOT copy anybody else’s comments verbatim. Your comments can be very short; just say that you oppose the rule change and add a bit about why.

Please read below for more background on disparate impact and exactly how this rule change will adversely impact the civil liberties of Americans.


According to the coalition: “For more than 45 years, disparate impact has been a crucial legal tool to fight discrimination and ensure equal housing opportunity. This protection means that companies and individuals covered under the Fair Housing Act must choose policies that apply fairly to all people. Some policies that seem neutral in theory can unfairly exclude certain groups of people or segregate particular communities in practice. This protection allows us to identify and prevent harmful, inequitable, and unjustified policies, thereby ensuring that everyone can be treated fairly.

“If the Trump administration gets its way, a landlord could evict victims of domestic violence based on common leases that hold all tenants, even victims, responsible for crimes in their homes. A bank could charge excessive fees or rates to certain groups seeking home mortgage loans, creating high barriers to homeownership for people of color or people with disabilities. An apartment building could impose occupancy restrictions forcing families with children to rent more expensive apartments.”

For more in-depth information about the rule change and the damage it could do, please visit the coalition’s website. Do it now, before you forget. Leave a comment, and send this to your friends & family.

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  1. I strongly oppose the proposed rule change to undo the disparate impact protection, a change designed to help insurance companies and other business interests and hurt tenants and others who require protection. The Trump administration seems to have as its goal the weakening or undoing of legislation such as the Fair Housing Act. Ben Carson, please consider your role in this administration’s destruction of important and worthwhile consumer protections. One day very soon your name will be included in the list of those who helped DJT undermine this nation and its values. It is not too late to stand up for what is right. Please do not make this change. Please do the right thing.

  2. As a former landlord myself, don’t weaken the Fair Housing Act. Protect consumers. Ben Carson is really incompetent and the poorest HUD secretary in history. Another example of the DJT administration’s racist policies.

  3. As one who votes on this issue ask yourself if this action is GOOD for America and Americans BEFORE you cast your ballot. Then after your vote ask yourself if YOU did the CORRECT thing for your country and it’s citizens. Please!

  4. I am against this effort by the Trump Administration to change the rule protecting people against discrimination. We can not make it harder for the poor and victimized to hold slumlords accountable.

  5. Fair Housing must be strengthened NOT weakened. This administration (tRump) and his HUD secretary, Ben Carson, seek to damage and destroy the rights of people instead of protecting them against discrimination. We the people will stand united for the rights of ALL people.
    My question is WHY we as Americans are being attacked from all sides. Why?

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