Portland, Oregon Will March Sunday 10/13 to Defend the Constitution

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On September 24, Speaker Pelosi did what activists have been asking for months: opened a formal House inquiry into impeachment. 

That’s why now is the time to show up on the phones, at offices, and at town halls and make sure every member of Congress – Democrat and Republican – hears our message that they need to complete a robust impeachment inquiry to expose the truth and ultimately impeach Donald Trump.

Portland Event

On October 13th, Portland will join many cities across the United States and march in support of impeachment. Trump’s high crimes have long warranted the move, but his recent egregious solicitations of foreign interference to impact the 2020 election have supercharged activist energy.  With local hotelier and U.S. Ambassador to the E.U. Gordon Sondland caught in the epicenter of the impeachment inquiry, the march route will go past his Heathman hotel and will include a demand that Sondland testify.

We want facts. We want justice.

All Americans should:

  • Support and stand behind the Democratic House as they pursue their impeachment inquiry. Urge swift and thorough investigation that creates a rock-solid case for removal from office.
  • Stand up for and support vulnerable Members of Congress who have bravely called for impeachment.
  • Demand that Republicans in Congress hold the President accountable for his corrupt actions.

From the Organizers: 

Join Stand On Every Corner PDX and Nasty Women Get Shit Done PDX as we march in solidarity with others around the country. Congress has started the impeachment process, and they need to hear loud and clear from the American people that we expect them to protect our democracy. Congress must expose Trump’s crimes, corruption and abuses. If Congress doesn’t fulfill its constitutional duty, Trump will be emboldened to carry out further abuses of power that trample on our rights, harm our families, and violate the Constitution. 

Gordon Sondland, Portland hotelier and U.S. Ambassador to the European Union, is a key fact witness to Trump’s impeachable conduct with Ukraine.  Trump blocked Sondland’s testimony this week, part of a continuing pattern of obstruction. We will march past Sondland’s Heathman hotel to send a clear message that we demand an end to Trump’s obstruction and that Sondland should resign and testify immediately.

Congress will be in recess until Tuesday, October 15—let’s make sure they hear from us before they return. Together, we can make our voices heard and send a clear message to Congress to impeach Trump. 

We will gather at Terry Schrunk Plaza (SW 3rd and Madison) at 2 pm and march from there.  We have a permit to gather at Terry Schrunk Plaza and the march will be a legal unpermitted sidewalk march.  This will be a peaceful and nonviolent event. Kids and families welcome.


Please head over to the event Facebook page or the impeachnow.org signup page and indicate your intent to join the Portland event.  Please help spread the word by sharing the event on social media and inviting friends!


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Nick Knudsen - a political activist and freelance writer living in the Pacific Northwest - is DemCast USA's Executive Director. Nick has worked in the non-profit sector for nearly 20 years as a writer, development officer and program director. He has a BA from Cornell and MA from Stanford, but didn't start learning until he had kids.

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