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By Julie Frontera


  • if they have read the call transcript issued by the White House between Trump and the Ukraine president where Trump said, “I would like you to do us a favor, though.”
  • If they believe it is appropriate for the president to threaten whistleblowers, members of Congress, and the American people with Civil War as he did over the weekend via Twitter.
  • If they believe Secretary Pompeo should be able to refuse to appear at a deposition on the date determined by Congress, and for telling State Department employees that they should not give depositions, either.


  • Elected officials asking foreign governments for investigations of American citizens to help their reelection campaigns while withholding taxpayer funded aid to that country is a gross ABUSE OF POWER and undermines our NATIONAL SECURITY
  • The Constitution requires the president to “take care that the laws be faithfully executed.” The laws include the Whistleblower Act! And Articles of impeachment against Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton all mentioned the Take Care Clause.
  • The president threatening whistleblower, members of Congress, and a civil war is a BETRAYAL of his oath of office.
  • Congress is a coequal branch and has the right to subpoena witnesses and documents without being stonewalled; this is especially problematic since we just learned that Secretary Pompeo was on the call with the Ukraine so has a conflict of interest, and could be obstructing Justice in the impeachment inquiry. His involvement with the Ukraine call and telling employees not to give depositions is a conflict of interest and undermines our NATIONAL SECURITY and his obstruction in the impeachment inquiry is an ABUSE OF POWER that could also undermine our NATIONAL SECURITY.


  • STOP saying the whistleblower’s complaint is all secondhand information. The complaint is confirmed by the call transcript and Trump’s own public statements.
  • DEFEND the Constitution and acknowledge that bribery is covered under impeachment. As a Member of Congress, why would you not want to get to the truth in order to defend the Constitution?
  • PROTECT those involved in the Whistleblower’s complaint. The President threatened “Big Consequences” to those involved in the Whistleblower complaint, although they followed the law.
  • STOP saying Democrats cannot get over the 2016 election.  This is about the president inviting interference in the 2020 election, ignoring the Constitution and US laws, and abusing the power of his office.
  • CONDEMN the president’s behavior and inciting violence against the Whistleblower, Members of Congress, and the American people. Do you support the Constitution and the Rule of Law or do you support breaking the law and violence?
  • CONDEMN and INSIST Secretary Pompeo RECUSE HIMSELF in regards to matters involving the impeachment inquiry. Condemn Secretary Pompeo for being a party to the Ukraine call to get dirt on Trump’s political opponent, for refusing to cooperate with Congress, and for telling State Department employees not to cooperate either. Since he was involved in the call, he needs to recuse himself from any official dealings with other personnel and documents needed in the impeachment inquiry.

Sen. Bill Cassidy – DC OFFICE: (202) 224-5824 and METAIRIE OFFICE: (504) 838-0130

Sen. John Kennedy: DC OFFICE: (202) 224-4623 and NEW ORLEANS OFFICE (504) 581-6190

Rep. Scalise: (202) 225-3015; Rep. Richmond: (202) 225-6636

Rep. Graves: (202) 225-3901 

For John Kennedy only:
Senator Kennedy said he will introduce a bill after the break that would prevent immediate family members of top US officials to work in the Ukraine. Why is he limiting this to only the Ukraine? If he insists this is needed, then write a bill that prevents immediate family members from working in any country besides the United States of America.

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