Don’t Let Theories about Barr and Pompeo Distract from the Whistleblower Complaint

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#SundayMorning thread deep dive with Kaz Weida

This #SundayMorning we’re scratching our heads trying to figure out why both Pompeo & Barr are going abroad next week. It seems like a terrible time to be out of the country as the White House faces credible accusations that could lead to impeachment. What’s going on?

First, let’s match up schedules. Pompeo’s first stop next week is Italy to see the pope, then onto Montenegro and North Macedonia, then Greece. He says he’s there to reassure the Balkans and encourage them to resist Russian influence.

What about Barr? He’s in Italy right now and I don’t think it’s because he ran there to avoid subpoenas involved in the whistleblower scandal. The last-minute trip was kept quiet until wheels were up and there haven’t been many details about Barr’s business in Italy.


The right speculates Barr is interviewing Joseph Mifsud about Clinton’s emails and Spygate, which may or may not be true. But news yesterday indicates this has become a focus for the administration, likely to distract from looming impeachment.

The left speculates Pompeo & Barr are there to chat with Russian oligarchs hanging out in Greece and Italy. It’s unlikely to be something Barr has time to do at least. He should be back stateside shortly. And walking into a storm of controversy.

Here’s where I get to the point of all this.

I’m not exactly sure what spurred this spontaneous trip by Barr, but I guarantee he’d rather have you talking about it than focusing on his involvement in the whistleblower scandal.

It’s reasonable to assume Pompeo is in the Balkans to smooth ruffled feathers in the wake of what happened in Ukraine. I don’t know that we need to make anything nefarious out of a mea culpa tour to mend fences with allies at a time like this.

And frankly, we have got MUCH MUCH bigger fish to fry. For the first time cracks are starting to show in GOP support for Trump and public support for impeachment has reached a critical mass.

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Originally posted on Twitter. Re-posted with permission.

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