Are Dems any closer to launching an effort to impeach Trump?

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A #SundayMorning thread deep dive with Kaz Weida

This #SundayMorning we’re checking in on the status of impeachment inquiries. Are Dems any closer to launching an effort to impeach Trump? First, it helps to understand precisely how impeachment works and the steps of the process.

Step one is already underway. The House Judiciary Committee needs to pass a resolution to open the inquiry by a simple majority. They did that last week, although many, including Nadler, say the investigative effort has been happening for months.

Step two moves the resolution to the House floor where it needs a majority (218) to pass. This is where we’re currently sitting in the impeachment process. The latest whip list indicates 137 members of the House publicly support impeachment inquiries.

Now we get to the essential question. What’s the holdup? The Dem base is increasingly agitated as the evidence of Trump’s corruption mounts. But Democratic leaders like Nancy Pelosi urge caution.

Is it because they don’t yet have the votes?

It’s hard to say how much support impeachment inquiries have privately. There are many Dems in districts flipped in 2018 that are cautious about impeachment wrecking their chances at re-election.

A majority of the public still doesn’t support opening impeachment inquiries.

Many argue support could be galvanized by public impeachment inquiries. After all, that’s what happened with Nixon. A concerted campaign to put evidence in front of the American people could cut through the disinformation & sway voters.

It’s a risk for a party trying to win back both the Senate and the Presidency next year. The timing has to be right so that the inquiries will influence the election. Many have speculated Nancy Pelosi’s reluctance to back impeachment is an effort to stall for maximum impact.

There are signs that failure of the acting DNI to turn over a whistleblower complaint to Congress could be the scandal that breaks the dam.

Pelosi hinted this morning that Democrats consider what’s being alleged about Ukraine an impeachable offense.

Does this finally turn the tide of public support toward impeachment or are Democrats simply moving toward inquiries because the timing is right? Either way, it appears we’re headed towards a house floor vote showdown sooner rather than later.

If the resolution to open impeachment inquiries passes the House floor, the next stage provides grand jury powers to the judiciary committee & subpoena enforcement powers. And it focuses Americans on Trump’s corruption in a critical election year.

Originally posted on Twitter. Re-posted with permission.

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