Race, Mass Shootings & Intersectionality With Catherine Squires (Electorette)

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Professor & Author Catherine Squires discusses her book Dangerous Discourses; Bringing Intersectionality to a Mass Shooting and the #SayHerName Movement in relation to the C

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Like many of you, I was driven to "do something" after the 2016 election. The "something" I did was to launch the Electorette podcast. My aim with The Electorette was not to analyze every single tweet; nor to rant ad nauseum about just how unhinged the voice behind said tweets are. What I do want to accomplish is further the sense of community and strength experienced during the Women's Marches around the world, provide some solutions for getting out of this mess and to bring brilliant minds (lady minds) together, so that together we can move towards creating the open, welcoming democracy that we know America truly is. #TheFutureIsFemale

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