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How to FOLLOW THE MONEY Driving Politicians

How to FOLLOW THE MONEY driving politicians Money is the root of all evil. Especially in politics. Learn how to trace the money behind a political decisions. Who is donating? What do they want in return? Millions of Texans are now

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Racism on Tap

Benton, Michigan shows what happens when the rich control power and deny others clean drinking water. Systemic racism and corporate donations to politicians pushing voter suppression highlight the importance of voting. ‘Benton, a

the democracy pledge

Make The Democracy Pledge

“The more people who express an interest in supporting only democracy-compliant businesses, the more power we collectively have to protect our democracy.” — Glenn Kirschner  Glenn Kirschner has a number of impressive

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Will Wall Street Grow a Conscience?

For too long, Wall Street has bankrolled Trump and his allies while turning a blind eye to their anti-democratic and racist rhetoric and actions. Now, after a mob brandishing symbols of white