Fundraiser for Central Valley – Join us in-person December 2

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2024 Starts Now: Join us December 2, 4-6 PM  

Do you want to wake up on Nov 6, 2024 and know you did all you could to put the House gavel in the hands of Hakeem Jeffries?  We believe the road to winning the House runs through California.

Early organizing and funding is the key to winning elections, so Indivisible Yolo joined with others to create the California Grassroots Alliance, which has spent the last 6 months studying the electoral map in California, locating powerful partners and crafting a strategy to make sure we win every California seat we can.

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Now we are launching our work here in Yolo County by fundraising for two key on-the-ground groups in nearby districts CA-13 and CA-22.  Here are the in-district groups we are especially proud to present:

About Communities for A New California  (CNC)  
About Central Valley Matters  (CVM)

We know that voters win elections, not candidates!  The way to reach those voters is by funding these established in-district groups that conduct year-round contact with voters.

Long before the candidates show up on stage, these groups engage in year-round organizing to provide services and then register and mobilize voters in battleground House districts.  After the disappointing 2022 results, we know that when it comes to winning back the House majority, in 2024 California truly is a battleground state.    

We hope you will join us to for conversation, drinks, and appetizers.  

You will receive the address after you sign up.  

Note:  Monthly donations are especially powerful.  Regular, dependable money will support long-term sustainability.  Even $10 month is great and more is better!

Let’s wake up on November 6, 2024 knowing that once again we did all we could to protect democracy.  Take a moment now to put your future self at ease: join us in this fight by donating to CNC and CVM.

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