Rogan’s List -November 9, 2023

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November 9, 2023

Ukraine funding, reproductive rights on ballots, Clarence Thomas, and more!


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  • TELL CONGRESS: DON’T SELL OUT UKRAINETimothy Snyder, the history professor who is also an expert on authoritarianism and fascism, has written a thoughtful essay on why it is in US interests to continue supporting Ukraine as it battles its Russian invaders. Yet the US House of Representatives, dominated by MAGA Republicans is standing in the way of appropriating aid for Ukraine. To entice GOP reps to move on the issue, the Biden Administration is coupling the request for aid to Ukraine to more money for border security. Let’s read and share Snyder’s essay), and let’s tell our Members of Congress that it is imperative to appropriate the $61.4 billion for Ukraine that the Biden Administration is requesting and that border security is a separate issue and should not be bartered for this cause.
    We’re starting to see concrete steps to move forward the inquiries into Justice Clarence Thomas’ corruption. The Senate Judiciary Committee is planning as soon as today to vote on subpoenaing Thomas and his patron, right-wing billionaire Harlan Crow. If we have senators on the committee, let’s contact them and tell them we’ll be watching this vote closely and urge them to be aggressive in uncovering the truth and holding the guilty accountable.

  • HELP WITH DENIED HEALTH INSURANCE CLAIMSKFF (formerly the Kaiser Family Foundation) reports that last year, nearly 1 in 5 insured adults were denied an insurance claim. Among those who use the most health care, 27% were denied a claim. People experiencing denied claims are more likely to have medical care delayed or denied, and to face serious financial consequences. The vast majority of those denied claims don’t know that they have the right to appeal. Meanwhile, to file an effective denied claim appeal, we need access to the records that our insurance company used to deny our claim—and according to ProPublica, it’s not always easy to get insurance companies to send us that information. ProPublica has created an online Claim File Helper that aids us in crafting an effective claim file request letter. Let’s learn more about the Claim File Helper and let’s spread the word!


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