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We’re up against a lot going into 2024. Josh Hawley has $5 million in the bank from his PAC and out-of-state donors, with a lot more on the way.

He’s going to spend every penny he can to hold his Senate seat, and we’ll need to compete across the state to turn out voters and support whoever our Democratic Senate nominee is next year. Missouri Republicans are chomping at the bit to get back to Jefferson City to continue their far-right extreme politics that we all know doesn’t work for Missouri.  Oh, and Jay Ashcroft threatened Missourians with dropping out of the race for Governor if voters pass abortion rights – well, we say, see ya later, gator. Missouri would be far better off with a Democrat in the Governor’s Mansion and in both chambers. The stakes are high, and we’ll need your support to fire Hawley, flip the House, and elect Democrats up and down the ballot next year.

GOP candidate for Missouri governor implies he’d ‘have to quit’ if voters pass abortion rights

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Following a hearing in the Western District Court of Appeals on Monday, Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft, who is running for governor, was asked by reporters whether he, as governor, would be able to defend reproductive rights if Missouri voters enshrine them in the state constitution next fall.

“Anytime a statewide official is sworn in, we swear an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and of the state of Missouri,” Ashcroft replied. “If I cannot do that, then I would have to leave my position. I cannot swear an oath and then refuse to do what I’d said I would do.”

Reporters followed up, asking whether Ashcroft meant that he would resign or decline to take the oath of office if the initiative on abortion rights is approved on the 2024 ballot.

“We’re getting into real hypotheticals,” Ashcroft said. “What I’ve told you is that I would do what I said I would do. When I take an oath, I will follow it, and if it is incompatible with my moral beliefs, then I would have to quit.”

Read more at Springfield News Leader

Ashcroft, abortion opponents lose latest roundof court challenges to ballot language 

JEFFERSON CITY — A state appeals court Tuesday shot down Republican Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft’s bid to inject political language into a ballot question aimed at restoring abortion rights in Missouri.

Acting quickly on a hot-button issue that has been slowed by litigation, the Missouri Court of Appeals at Kansas City unanimously rejected the gubernatorial candidate’s appeal to reverse a lower court decision to strike and rewrite summary statements for six reproductive freedom ballot initiatives.

As part of his job as secretary of state, Ashcroft is tasked with writing ballot summaries for proposed constitutional changes. A physician sued over six petitions she filed after Ashcroft wrote summaries that she said were biased.

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DHS Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas called Sen. Josh Hawley’s questioning of a DHS employee “despicable.”

“You come here unwilling to answer and suggest that it is wrong of me to ask you the question,” Hawley said. “Quite frankly, Mr. Secretary, I think that your performance is despicable and I think the fact that you are not willing to provide answers to this committee is absolutely atrocious.”

Hawley’s comments spurred a passionate response from Mayorkas, who is Jewish.

“Number one: What I found despicable is the implication that this language, tremendously odious, actually could be emblematic of the sentiments of the 260,000 men and women of the Department of Homeland Security,” Mayorkas said.

“Number two: Senator Hawley takes an adversarial approach to me in this question, and perhaps he doesn’t know my own background. Perhaps he does not know that I am the child of a Holocaust survivor. Perhaps he does not know that my mother lost almost all her family at the hands of the Nazis. And so I find his adversarial tone to be entirely misplaced. I find it to be disrespectful of me and my heritage.”



UAW-Stellantis deal includes $18.9 billion in investments, new truck for idled plant

The tentative labor agreement was reached Saturday after roughly six weeks of targeted strikes by the union against Stellantis, General Motors and Ford Motor. The work stoppages began Sept. 15 after the sides failed to reach deals covering 146,000 UAW members with the automakers by a strike deadline.

“For the first time in a long time, we’ve done the unthinkable: Reopened a plant,” Fain said during an online broadcast Thursday, referring to the Belvidere factory, which was idled in February 2022. “We didn’t do it by begging the company or agreeing to work terrible hours, or take a pay cut, or pursue a race to the bottom. We didn’t do it by giving back. We did it by fighting back.”

Read more at CNBC

Opinion: Per the law, and the judge, Donald Trump committed fraud by repeatedly misrepresenting his wealth by hundreds of millions of dollars. Eric Trump walked out of the court room and said: “We have some of the best assets in New York. We’ve never had a default. We’ve never missed a loan payment…This state is going to hell. And it’s because of people like the attorney general of New York…. “We’re going to win this thing. I promise you we’re going to win it because we haven’t done a damn thing wrong.” Sorry Eric but you already technically lost. A New York judge already found Donald Trump and his family business fraudulently inflated the value of his properties and other assets.


Democratic Legislative Network!

We’re excited to team up with Missouri House Democrats to build a stronger Democratic Legislative Network!

We invite you to join us on Mondays at 7:00 p.m. to hear from legislators, get #MoLeg updates, and action items for you to take to make a difference. Sign up here 


Ugly Sweater Caucus – City-County Holiday Party


December 13, 2023 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM CT

Teamsters Hall Local 682, 5730 Elizabeth Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63110Join the St. Louis City and County Democrats at our annual Holiday Party at Teamsters Hall Local 682. There will be food and drink, an online auction, 50/50 raffle and the Ugly Sweater Caucus Competition! This event will sell out, so get your tickets quickly.
Lawrence County Democratic Committee Meeting

November 16, 2023 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM CT

Angus Branch Restaurant, 114 Chapel Dr, Monett, MO 65708Dear brother and sister Democrats Our next monthly meeting will be Thursday, November 16th, at the Angus Branch in Monett and will start at 7:00 pm. As usual, those who would like to eat please arrive by 5:45pm to allow time to order and eat. (everyone responsible for their own meal costs). Thank you for your help and support!

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