Rogan’s List – November 1, 2023

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November 1, 2023

What’s the IRS got to do with it, health care for the homeless, Starbucks strike, and more!


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  • CONGRESS: SUPPORT NATIONAL SECURITY AND STOP TAX CHEATSOn October 20, the Biden administration requested supplemental funding from Congress to uphold US national security interests: security assistance to the people of Israel and Ukraine, humanitarian assistance to the people of Gaza, US military readiness in a time of heightened tensions, and more. In response, House Speaker Mike Johnson wants to cut off aid to Ukraine and Gaza, and wants to “offset” a $14.3 billion aid package to Israel by cutting $14.3 billion from the IRS—a move that will increase the deficit and allow tax cheats to act with impunity. The White House has called this a “nonstarter.” Let’s tell our Members of Congress that it is their job to ensure our national security, that we want serious consideration given to the Biden administration’s supplemental funding request—decoupled from the issue of IRS funding—and that we want the IRS fully funded and not hampered by a weakened MAGA Republican budget.
    Among the most direct and immediate impacts of replacing Kevin McCarthy with Mike Johnson: Rep. Johnson has a record of opposing aid for Ukraine. While significant majorities in both the Senate and the House continue to support our allies, with Rep. Johnson setting the schedule there is real danger assistance will not get a vote on the floor. Let’s reach out to our members of Congress and let them know we still stand with Ukraine, and we want them to use every tool at their disposal – including the discharge petition – to ensure Ukraine aid passes expeditiously.

  • SUPPORT HEALTH CARE FOR THE HOMELESSA reader informs us: Doctors and nurses can now get paid for “street medicine,” thanks to a new Biden administration policy. Before, medical professionals who provided care for people in encampments, tent cities, or under freeways rather than in clinics or hospitals were volunteers. Now, Medicaid and other insurers can reimburse them. Let’s make sure our local officials know about this opportunity. We can also contact our representatives to tell them to cosponsor H.R.5387, the  bipartisan DIRECT Care for the Homeless Act, a pilot program to expand street medicine and help unhoused people transition to safe, stable housing.


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