Save Social Security & Medicare: Please sign this petition from our partners at Care2

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Please Sign this Petition from our Partners at Care2

Tell Republicans: HELL NO to Social Security and Medicare Cuts!

Dear Friends,

Once again, Republicans are putting Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block. They shouted en masse, during President Biden’s state of the union, that they wouldn’t do it, but no surprise, they were lying.

House Republicans just released their 2024 budget proposal, which guts Social Security and Medicare and raises the retirement age.

This is ridiculous! These clowns have been trying for years to strip seniors of the benefits they’ve worked hard to pay into their entire lives. Even though Social Security and Medicare are wildly successful and popular, Republicans are hell-bent on destroying them. We need to turn up the pressure, and tell Republicans to BACK OFF.

Add your name to tell Republicans: HELL NO to Social Security and Medicare cuts!

Please Sign and Share This Petition

Why are the Republicans trying to take away our Medicare and Social Security safety net?

Robert Reich has said that a major goal of the extreme right has been to undermine Medicare and Social Security, which are the most popular federal programs. Republicans try to hold these programs hostage as part of their artificially manufactured fight over raising the debt ceiling. Who benefits from keeping our medication costs high? Big Pharma.

Republicans’ fiscal conservatives, cultural warriors, and MAGA anti-democracy Trumpers are more dangerous than ever.  They falsely claim that these federal programs are in a “crisis” and push for privatization, which would result in more profits for private companies at the expense of the people relying on these programs. Republicans’ entire political strategy rests on doing whatever they can to attempt to make Democrats look bad, rather than working for the good of the American people.

Over the years, Republicans have seen how popular these federal programs are with voters and how much the public values taxpayer money going to help taxpayers. Republicans have been working for years to instead divert tax benefits to the super-wealthy as in the Republican Tax Scam. and to the weapons industry, as shown in the revealing documentary film “Iraq for Sale“.

One of the architects of the radical Republican “Tea Party” movement, former Speaker Newt Gingrich wanted Medicare “to wither on the vine,” former President George W. Bush privatized parts of Medicare and sought to privatize Social Security, and former Speaker Paul Ryan proposed annual budgets to turn Medicare into a voucher program and privatize Social Security.

Corporate-backed Republicans want to take away the Medicare and Social Security safety net, leaving seniors vulnerable after years of work, while corporations rake in obscene profits. Let’s prioritize people over corporate greed.

What are President Biden and the Democrats doing to strengthen Medicare and Social Security, to benefit all of us?

President Biden’s and the Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act reduces prescription drug prices and insurance premiums. Insulin is capped at $35/month for Medicare, leading private companies to lower insulin prices for millions more.

The first 10 drugs for Medicare drug price negotiation include treatments for diabetes, stroke, arthritis, blood cancers, Crohn’s disease, kidney disease, and heart failure.

How is the Inflation Reduction Act paid for?

The Inflation Reduction Act will be fully funded by closing tax loopholes exploited by large corporations, and cracking down on wealthy people who cheat on their taxes. It’s simple. Everyone should pay their fair share.

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Please SHARE our social media kit to celebrate President Biden’s and the Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act strengthening the Medicare and Social Security programs, to benefit all of us.

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