Rogan’s List – August 30, 2023

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August 30, 2023

Ban assault weapons, mobilize NC Democrats, support a progressive brewery, and more!

Contact all members of Congress:

Contact White House or other federal agencies:

  • BAN ASSAULT WEAPONSOnce again, a hate-motivated shooting this weekend took the lives of three Black people in Jacksonville, Florida The weapon, an AR-15 was marked with white swastikas and the shooter and previously been flagged for mental examination under the Baker Act. Even though after the fact, Florida governor Ron DeSantis branded him as “a maniac” there was nothing in the Florida laws that prevented him from getting his hands on a military killing machine. Congressional bills S 25 and HR 698, seek to ban assault weapons. They both have numerous co-sponsors, all of whom are Democrats and Independents. Let’s remind our Republican MoCs, who love to make the argument of Constitutional originalism, that our founding fathers never attended to include assault weapons when they developed the Second Amendment, and ask all our MoCs to finally do what they can to get these bills to the floor and bring them for a vote.
  • MOBILIZE NORTH CAROLINA DEMOCRATS AHEAD OF 2024The fact that President Biden lost North Carolina in 2020 by just under 75,000 votes tells us that North Carolina can be a blue state—if we do the work! Swing Blue Alliance reports that North Carolina’s heavily Democratic Mecklenburg County has a lower voter turnout rate than the state average, and it has cost Democrats some 25-50,000 votes statewide in recent elections. With reproductive freedom, voting rights, gun safety, and so much more on the line, it’s imperative to reinvigorate the county’s Democratic Party. Swing Blue Alliance is working with the Democratic county chair to call Mecklenburg residents who have said that they want to volunteer for Democrats. “These are some of the most fun calls you’ll ever make as a volunteer,” writes Swing Blue Alliance. “You’re calling self-identified possible activists and you’re asking them to become part of a new, effective, fun group of their neighbors.” Let’s sign up and start making calls.

  • NEW REPORT ON EDUCATIONAL INTIMIDATION LAWSA new PEN report on a new wave of nearly 400 bills nationwide shows us how the phrase “parents’ rights” has been used by right-wing conservatives to propose legislation designed to intimidate teachers and suppress topics related to race and LGBTQ+ issues, among others. We can read a short summary and some examples here:  We can access the full report here.


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