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Join us for Powering Progress, phone banks, voter registration and more!

Powering Progress: Our Climate Depends On Us

It’s annoying that a certain former President seems to suck up all the oxygen in mass media news cycles. Watching all the indictments is like watching the world’s slowest car crash – it’s hard to turn away but it’s best to keep your eyes on the road. Thankfully, that’s pretty much exactly what Democrats and the White House have been doing since 2020.

So, take a break from whatever perp walk happens to be on TV next week and join us at the Davis Farmers Market on Wednesday August 16 from 4-8 PM. We’ll be there to celebrate the one year anniversary of the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) which includes the most sweeping climate legislation in history forecasted to create some 9 millions jobs over the next 10 years and enable the US to reach our goal of 40% emission reduction by 2030. Mike Thompson’s Green Act of 2021 with a series of incentives and tax credits was largely incorporated in the IRA, so we have a local angle to this good news story. Notably, a tax credit to provide for environmental justice programs to improve health and economic outcomes for low income areas disproportionately populated by BIPOC communities is included.

Beyond climate provisions it also provides for lower prescription drug prices (now under attack by the pharmaceutical industry), and reduced health care premiums for people who buy insurance on their own.  All while helping to build a more fair and just country where all workers, families and communities have what they need to thrive and where the ultra wealthy and big corporations are held accountable. So please join and share this with your friends:

Voter Registration at Modesto Community College 

Want to fight for Women’s rights, voting rights, and end book bans? Registering voters is the #1 most effective way to do all these things! So join us by signing up on Mobilize and we’ll get volunteer rides organized to register voters at the Modesto Community College on August 29 + 30 … sign up now for one or both days!

No experience necessary. We’ll start with a 15-minute training at the staging site and deploy on the campus. We’ll have clipboards, forms, and pens. Just bring your smartphone or tablet if you have one, a mask, a little water, sunscreen, and some comfortable shoes.

NOTE: If possible, wear a liberal-looking t-shirt, hat, or pin! It really helps. Bring a friend! Can’t wait to see you there!

CA-13 & CA-22 Phone Banks

BAC (Bay Area Coalition), which is composed of some 27+ progressive groups including Indivisible Yolo, is already doing weekly phone banks reaching out to voters to identify issues in order to mount more effective campaigns in CA 13 and CA 22 in 2024. Both districts are winnable; and getting folks involved now is exactly what’s needed to win them back.

Simply put, the more often we engage with the same set of voters the more in-tune we become with the nuances of a specific district. Getting involved in a district now by gathering voter feedback on their top issues gives one keener insight and, thus, more confidence in their future voter outreach, either in person or by phone. The phone banks, organized by BAC and CADEM, are scheduled for Wednesdays from 2:30-4:30 and you can sign up via Mobilize here.

End collusion with Operation Lone Star: stop life-threatening tactics now

Contact just your own Representative:

Background: The ACLU has an overview of the extreme cruelty aimed at asylum seekers: “Texas state troopers working under Gov. Greg Abbott’s multi-billion-dollar anti-immigrant initiative – called Operation Lone Star – have been instructed to push young children and nursing mothers back into the Rio Grande. This river is also where Texas officials have been placing razor wire, despite the injuries they know these traps have already caused.”Weneed to call our Members of Congress and tell them to put pressure on DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to stop DHS collusion with Operation Lone Star and to remove Abbott’s dangerous barriers in the Rio Grande.

Example call script (your own words are best!):
Hi, my name is [your name] and my zip code is [zip code]. I’m a voter and a constituent of [Sen. Feinstein/Sen. Padilla/Rep. Thompson/Rep. Matsui]. I’m reaching out in response to the alarming reports that Texas state troopers working under Gov. Greg Abbott’s multi-billion-dollar anti-immigrant initiative – Operation Lone Star – have been instructed to push young children and nursing mothers back into the Rio Grande. Please, I’m urging you to tell DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to decisively end any collusion with Operation Lone Star, which has facilitated and encouraged Texas’s expansion of a proven human and civil rights disaster, and to remove Gov. Abbott’s dangerous barriers in the Rio Grande River.

Interested in getting involved in Indivisible Yolo?

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