We need YOU to fight Rupert Murdoch and Fox!

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Help us fight “Murdoch’s Evil Empire” of lies and propaganda!

This is urgent!

Our FCC Petition to Deny Fox Television Stations and the Murdochs’ a license to use our broadcast airwaves for a local TV-station they own – is big news and getting BIGGER!

Fox has just responded to our effort to hold them accountable for knowingly spreading lies – and now we have big legal bills looming. Fighting billionaires and their army of $1,000/hr lawyers is not cheap and we need your help – big or small. We raised $20k internally to start this process but now we need an additional $30k by Monday 8/7 to continue this fight.

No other organization has had the courage to fight this fight – we are making Fox uncomfortable!  We need you to join us in holding Fox and the Murdochs accountable, now. Please donate and invest today. Our fight is only as good as our purse. Chip in $25 or $50!  

There has been an incredible level of interest in and support for our small group’s petition. Yesterday, Bill Kristol, a Fox alum and Ervin Duggan, former PBS President and FCC alum, submitted a powerful letter to the FCC giving enthusiastic support of our petition. Read about the importance of their support here: https://www.thedailybeast.com/ex-fox-news-pundit-bill-kristol-joins-fight-to-deny-fox-station-broadcast-license

Have you lost a family member to “Foxitis“?

Are you worried about the damaging influence Murdoch’s Evil Empire has on American minds?

Now is the time to fight back against the hate and lies of Fox.

Please donate and invest today in our fight against Fox propaganda on behalf of all Americans.

BONUS ways to help:

Please share this fundraising campaign with anyone you know who cares about our democracy.

If you would like to partner with us or help us fundraise to support this effort – please contact me.


In community,
Noelle, Brian, Jonathan, Holley, Carolyn, Al, Milo and the entire Media and Democracy Project

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