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PEG 6th Congressional District Newsletter 326

Follow-up from 7/11/23 Newsletter – Justice Department receives administrative stay limiting Biden Administration contact with social media firms

In PEG’s last newsletter, we reported that Trump-appointed judge, Terry Doughty, issued a preliminary injuction restricting certain agencies and offices (including the FBIand the Surgeon General), in the Biden administration from communication with social media companies to moderate their content. This was a response to the to a lawsuit by Republican attorneys general from Louisiana and Missouri who claimed that the government went too far in pressuring social media companies to address posts related to vaccine hesitancy and election concerns.
Well, we have some good news! The Justice Department won its appeal on Friday, July 14th, when a three-judge panel of the New Orleans-based 5th Circuit Court of Appeals granted a temporary administrative stay of Doughty’s injunction. That second panel will rule on the merits of Doughty’s ruling.

Supreme Court Decisions – Surprises and Many Disappointments

Protectors of Equality in Government Exclusive – Wins and Losses by U.S. Supreme Court

Some of the recent SCOTUS decisions have really surprised us! Read about some of the wins for Voters Rights and Election Powers as well as the huge losses in the areas of student loan forgiveness, LGBTQ+ Civil Rights, and Affirmative Action. Expect more information in coming months about what’s next with each of these decisions and what is the full scope of harm created by setting these precedents.

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Events and Opportunities

July and August are months for representatives to share important legislative updates and focus on constituent input and feedback, as well as time for us to ask questions about what they have been up to for the past six months.

Tuesday, July 25. Microplastics Webinar – How it is impacting our health and environment

How are you all doing with Plastic-free July? We know; it’s hard! This upcoming webinar with microplastics with expert Art Hirsch will break down everything you need to know, how it is affecting our Great Lakes, and legislation under way. RSVP Here. 7 pm EST

Thursday, July 27. Coffee & Conversation with Sue Shink Join State Senator Sue Shink For Coffee and Conversation at Dozer Coffee, 112 Jackson Plaza, Ann Arbor. 9–10 am

Friday, July 28. Coffee & Conversation with Sue Shink Can’t make it Thursday? Well, State Senator Sue Shink will also be available on Friday, July 28 at Zou Zou’s Cafe’, 101 N. Main St, Chelsea. 10:15–11:15 am

Saturday, July 29. Constituent Coffee Hour with Rep. Jimmie Wilson, Jr.

Thursday, August 10. Deadline for Social Justice fellowshipAs seen in Washtenaw Dems newsletter: 482 Forward and UM’s Youth Civil Rights Academy are currently recruiting southeast Michigan youth for a year-long social justice fellowship which will start in August 2023. This program will provide fellows with skills such as political advocacy, community organizing, social justice education, and connecting with others across geographic and demographic differences through project-based learning. The fellowship will pay a small stipend of up to $500 for full completion of the program. We encourage youth to apply in teams of 2-3, but youth are also welcome to apply on their own. Application materials are due August 10th.  Grab the application and make a copy to complete. Email for info.

Join Representative Jimmie Wilson, Jr. (D-32) at the Ypsilanti Senior Center, 1015 Congress St, Ypsi. Please RSVP here to attend in person OR via Zoom

Distill Social is giving away thousands of their AntiFLa stickers for FREE! 

Claim yours by emailing your name and address to They look great on vehicles, water bottles, laptops and letters and postcards sent to friends and family in Florida.  

PEGGY needs you!!

We need help with our events and outreach! Please consider volunteering if you care about our democracy in Michigan and if you have 2-3 hours to spare per week. We will teach you the ropes. Plus, our newsletter team is hilarious!! Please reply to to express interest.

Visit the PEG Events Page for all upcoming events at!

Things to do, read, watch, and listen to

Key Takeaways for Michigan Fake Elector ChargesUnless you have been living under a rock, you have heard about the charges Michigan’s Attorney General Dana Nessel has brought against Michigan’s fraudulent electors. However, it could be hard to unbury the actual matter of hand among all the memes and funnies and opinion pieces. Here’s what you should know:
These were not simply “mistakes” or political moves. All 16 of Michigan’s fake electors knowingly signed and submitted a forged certificate to Vice President Pence in his role as President of the U.S. Senate, the National Archives, the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan, and the Michigan Secretary of State fraudulently claiming to be the state’s electoral college delegation. These individuals knew they were not Michigan’s duly elected presidential electors. 
Michigan’s fraudulent electors were each charged on eight counts: 

  • One Count Conspiracy to commit forgery
  • Two Counts of Forgery
  • One Count Conspiracy to Commit Uttering and Publishing
  • One Count Uttering and Publishing
  • One Count Conspiracy to Commit Election Law Forgery
  • Two Counts of Election Law Forgery. 

Whoa. These are some serious charges. We depend on statewide officials to pursue accountability for people who undermine our elections by violating state law. We could not be more proud of our Michigan Attorney General right now!

Watch the full Casa Sussana Documentary

Watch this thoughtful, historical piece on transgendered persons in 1950s and 1960’s America.

Cartoon of the Week

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