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Pints & Progress – Tomorrow, July 25 5-7PM

Indivisible Yolo Pints & Progress – July 25 5-7PM 

Hey, we’re doing it again — hanging out just to chat with no phone banks, clipboards, or protest signs in sight.  Join us for Pints & Progress Tuesday, July 25th from 5-7pm at Bike Dog Brewing in West Sacramento, 2534 Industrial Blvd 110.
Register here and let us know you’re joining us:

In addition to beer, The Baker Family Winery has a tasting bar with wines by the glass and bottle available for purchase.

It’s Taco Tuesday and the Thick Vatos and Tacos Food Truck will be on hand. Food is on us…but you’ll need to buy your own beer and/or wine.

Come for the politics, stay for the friends! This event is hosted by Janette Vine and the IY leadership team.

2024 Starts Now: CA-13 Voter Registration and Phone Banks

2024 is shaping up to be another “most important election of our lifetime” election cycle.  And the road to regaining the House goes right through California, including two of the most critical districts to flip here in the CA Central Valley.

There are already weekly phone banks reaching out voters to identify issues in order to mount more effective campaigns in CA 13 and CA 22 in 2024. Both districts are winnable; CA 13 is the closest to us and was the closest of any CA races in 2022. Decided by less than 600 votes – it’s well within the margin of volunteer impact possible through phone banking, canvassing and registering new voters. Our electoral team is ramping up plans for us to do all three.

We believe – and there’s ample evidence to support this notion – that by focusing on a single district, individually and collectively, we can be more effective in our voter contact efforts. Simply put, the more often we engage with the same set of voters the more in-tune we become with the nuances of a specific district. Getting involved in a district now by gathering voter feedback on their top issues gives one keener insight and, thus, more confidence in their future voter outreach, either in person or by phone.

That’s why we’ve scheduled our first Student Voter Registration (see below) in coordination with the BAC (Bay Area Council – a coalition of some 25+ progressive groups) and we’re encouraging our volunteers to join BAC’s phone banks to CA-13 talking to voters to find out their top issues. The phone banks are scheduled for Wednesdays from 2:30-4:30 and you can sign up via Mobilize here.

Voter Registration at Modesto Community College 

Want to fight for Women’s rights, voting rights, and end book bans? Registering voters is the #1 most effective way to do all these things! So join us by signing up on Mobilize and we’ll get volunteer rides organized to register voters at the Modesto Community College on August 29 + 30 … sign up now for one or both days!

No experience necessary. We’ll start with a 15-minute training at the staging site and deploy on the campus. We’ll have clipboards, forms, and pens. Just bring your smartphone or tablet if you have one, a mask, a little water, sunscreen, and some comfortable shoes.

NOTE: If possible, wear a liberal-looking t-shirt, hat, or pin! It really helps. Bring a friend! Can’t wait to see you there!  


Closing out its most recent term, the US Supreme Court handed down three dreadful decisions that impacted progressive priorities- dealing a blow to protections for LBGTQ+ rights, affirmative action for college entrance, and student debt cancellation for some 40 million low and middle-income households. 

When coupled with the egregious Dobbs decision a year earlier and repeated clear breaches of ethical standards, this court needs a course-correction – and the only viable way is to expand the court by adding four new justices.

Sen. Feinstein and Padilla, and either Rep. Thompson or Rep. Matsui: EXPAND SCOTUS: WE NEED A JUST MAJORITY

Contact just your own Representative:

Example call script (your own words are best!):
In order to protect the American people and ensure equal justice under the law, I’m calling on you to support rebalancing the Court by co-sponsoring the Judiciary Act of 2023 (S. 1616 / H.R. 3422). A code of ethics is also necessary, but it is too little and too late to protect us. We need to balance the Court. Thank you.

Write a letter to the editor:

To build support for rebalancing the court, write a letter to the editor! Here’s a quick resource to get you started:

Interested in getting involved in Indivisible Yolo?

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