GIFs and Memes for Black Lives Matter and MAGA Justices

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Ten Years of #BlackLivesMatter

In 2013, three Black organizers coined the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter after the acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s murderer. This sentiment continues to fuel an international movement against racial injustice. Use these images to show that we aren’t backing down.

Celebrating Non-Binary People

July 14 is International Non-Binary People’s Day, aimed at raising awareness for the struggles that non-binary and gender non-conforming people face every day. Use these images to advocate for equal protection for all, no matter where they are on the gender spectrum.

MAGA SCOTUS Runs on Corruption

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ knack for corruption is on display once again as his aides have repeatedly accepted payments from the very lawyers who argue cases before the court. It’s clear where the MAGA SCOTUS justices priorities lie. Use these images to demand court reform.

Exploring the fallout of rejecting student loan debt forgiveness

When the Supreme Court ruled to reject President Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan at the end of June, millions of college students and graduates were left crushed.

This decision, as well as earlier rulings rejecting Affirmative Action and giving businesses the right to discriminate, has inspired many online conversations on SCOTUS corruption, scrutinizing their rulings, and expanding the court.

In the last month, Supreme Court related content from the Into Action Lab has earned 3.6 million views on GIPHY, with our memes reaching 4.8 million views across Reddit, Instagram, and Twitter. 35 of our partners sourced their SCOTUS callout content directly from the Into Action Library, supporting their arguments against the MAGA majority.

By distributing this content across communities and platforms, Into Action GIFs and memes encourage audiences to join the fight instead of feeling powerless. By focusing on the facts and layering in some humor, our content is not only engaging these audiences, but it’s also helping them get ready for the fight ahead.

The GOP is intent on threatening the lives and futures of working-class Americans, and it’s up to us to hold them accountable. With daily uploads to the Into Action Library and collection drops in our Partner Slack, you can always have the best content to start a conversation.


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