Indivisible Yolo Newsletter 7/11/23

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Indivisible Yolo election results

The results are in! Indivisible Yolo members elected our slate of Steering Committee members

At the June 26 General Meeting, we heard the results from the Member Survey and shared a preview of the IY Electoral Teams plans for 2023-2024 and heard brief updates from each of the Advocacy Action Teams. A link to the slide deck is here in case you missed it.

Then eligible IY members voted unanimously to elect the slate of Steering Committee Members, re-electing Peggy Bernardy and Shaunese Lambel and electing Chris Craig-Veit and Vera Sandronsky, all for a one-year term.

For those of you who haven’t met our newest Steering Committee members, here’s why we’re so happy to have these dedicated activists join our leadership team: 

Chris has been doing some form of political texting since 2017 and, since then, never looked back. She has worked on all kinds of texting campaigns and branched out to holding a Stop the Recall banner over I-80 and helping on the GA Voter Protection hotline before the Nov. 2020 election. Her current passion is working for Contest Every Race, an effort to recruit and support progressives who are interested in running for local office so that no office has only conservatives on the ballot. 

Vera has been an active member of the local chapters of Sister District and Indivisible and has done electoral work with a variety of national organizations to help mobilize the vote. Vera retired in 2020 from the Department of Water Resources where she worked as an attorney.
Her local political work includes being co-chair of Interfaith Housing Justice Davis, an interfaith group that advocates for affordable housing in Davis and is a key ally of our Local Action team’s Housing sub-team.


Closing out its most recent term, the US Supreme Court handed down three dreadful decisions that impacted progressive priorities- dealing a blow to protections for LBGTQ+ rights, affirmative action for college entrance, and student debt cancellation for some 40 million low and middle-income households. 

When coupled with the egregious Dobbs decision a year earlier and repeated clear breaches of ethical standards, this court needs a course-correction – and the only viable way is to expand the court by adding four new justices.

Sen. Feinstein and Padilla, and either Rep. Thompson or Rep. Matsui: EXPAND SCOTUS: WE NEED A JUST MAJORITY

Contact just your own Representative:

Example call script (your own words are best!):
In order to protect the American people and ensure equal justice under the law, I’m calling on you to support rebalancing the Court by co-sponsoring the Judiciary Act of 2023 (S. 1616 / H.R. 3422). A code of ethics is also necessary, but it is too little and too late to protect us. We need to balance the Court. Thank you.

Write a letter to the editor:

To build support for rebalancing the court, write a letter to the editor! Here’s a quick resource to get you started:

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